Oregon Timber Trail - 2017

Oregon, USA

Route Overview

669 mi.
67,969 ft.

An iconic 670-mile backcountry mountain bike route spanning Oregon’s diverse landscapes from California to the Columbia River Gorge.

The Oregon Timber Trail is a world-class bikepacking destination and North America’s premiere long-distance mountain bike route. It runs south to north and travels through a variety of landscapes, communities, ecosystems, terrain, and, most importantly, mountain bike trails. Divided into four unique tiers, the Oregon Timber Trail is approachable by a wide variety of cyclists. If it sounds familiar, you’re not mistaken: the Oregon Timber Trail is inspired by the Pacific Crest Trail and other trails in the National Scenic Trail system. What sets it apart is that it’s designed for mountain biking in mind and consists of more than 50 percent single-track.

2017 is the Oregon Timber Trail Pioneer Year. Up to this point only two intrepid adventurers—Sam Clark and Kim McCormack—have completed the rough and rugged almost 700-mile journey. We’re excited to share the route and this guide with you to inspire and inform you to ride it this summer or in a subsequent year. We want you to have fun and be safe, so please read this guide carefully to understand the challenges you’ll face.

The Oregon Timber Trail is a new, unrefined route and this guide is likely to be incorrect or lacking in some sections. As a bikepacker, be aware that change is inevitable and adaptability is the best skill you can take with you out on the trail. Stay in touch, we’d love to hear from you after the journey about your favorite areas, the hardest parts and what improvements you think could be made.

Start scheming, plan carefully, rope in some friends and have fun exploring the varied wild landscapes that have enthralled generations of Oregonians before you.

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