Coastal Mountain Forest Reserve Adventure

Columbia County, OR, US

Route Overview

Coastal Mountain Sport Haus

Epic gravel road riding out our front door!

30 mi.
1,944 ft.

This Columbia County epic ride begins and ends at Coastal Mountain Sport Haus like most of our rides to date, because we can. The ride takes you to Natal, cross the bridge where you can jump onto Burris Road. We follow Burris to Crooked Creek Mainline across highway 47.

Your legs should be nice and warm with this mostly flat ride that parallels the Nehalem River. Jump onto the gravel road that parallels the East Fork of the Nehalem River. You will travel on gravel road to Camp 8, the site of a historical logging town/camp and currently a CZ trail intersection. Here is where the bushwhacking begins, make your way thru the scotch broom and some downed tree branches and trees. You will be rewarded with some great new road bed that goes thru a stand of some of the prettiest 2nd growth trees in the county. The grade is a gradual ascent up to Pittsburg Road.

On the north eastern side of Pittsburg you will be greeted with one of the best views of Mt. Rainer, St Helens, and Adams. Look for the big blue arrow on the stump on the right hand side of the road, turn left onto Kater Road, and head down the hill towards Camp Wilkerson. This road ends at Apiary Road. Take a left at Apiary and coast down the hill until you reach Hwy 47, keep right and in a couple of miles you will have completed your epic ride. This ride will definitely give you a smile on your face knowing that you just completed a GREAT bike ride. And you know....we believe everyone deserves to have a good bike ride.

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