Catch That Thief!

Friday, August 22nd - Sunday, September 14th

In the US alone, a bike is stolen every 30 seconds. That’s not a typo, that’s a problem. A $400 million a year problem. Our friends over at Project 529 are trying to do something about this epidemic by helping bike owners protect their bikes and use the power of the community to help fellow cyclists find their stolen bikes. To help spread the word, and give you a chance to turn your ire for bike thieves into miles on your bike, we decided to create this challenge. By registering and riding your bike, you could win some super cool prizes.

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Catch The Joy Rider

This tier is perfect if you are time constrained but still want to participate. Only 5 miles a day!

Catch The Petty Thief

Have a long commute? Like to kill it on the weekends? At 10 miles per day, this is the tier for you.

Catch The Pro

You live on your bike. Show us what you got with this challenging tier. 20 miles per day.

Why should I join?

Because you hate bike thieves (and love your bike) as much as we do! Join us as we protect our bikes and take to the streets to pedal away some of our bike theft anger and you could win a Zipp 30 Wheelset, or one of our other great cycling prize packages.

This is a challenge to encourage registering and riding rather than how fast you ride, so don't worry if you feel a bit slow.


Friday, August 22nd through midnight PST Sunday, September 14th.

How it works

  1. Pick a distance tier above and click Join Now.
  2. Meet your mileage goals, either daily or by taking longer weekend rides.
  3. Register your bike with Project 529 for an extra entry. Seriously, it’ll not only help you win prizes, it’ll help you protect your bike!
  4. Get a friend to join for more fun.
  5. We’ll email you friendly reminders along the way.


If you meet your mileage goals, we'll enter you into our prize drawing. Everyone who completes their goals will get an equal chance at prizes. Additionally, if you register your bike with Project 529 using the same email as your Ride with GPS account, we’ll bump up your odds in the drawing by a super-secret formula.

Prize Packages:

Grand Prize: 1 Zipp 30 Wheelset. Check it out here!

3 Runner’s Up

Cycling prize packages curtesy of Project 529 including:

  • A SRAM computer mount
  • A SRAM Powerlock Link
  • A roll of SRAM SuperSport Bar Tape w/ Gel (red or yellow)
  • A Bike Thieves Suck t-shirt
  • A pack of Bike Thieves Suck stickers
  • A 529 Shield kit for 4 bikes
We’ll also be giving away Ride with GPS shirts, cycling caps and water bottles to participants with notable mentions. Make sure to take some great photos to get a chance at additional prizes!