Tour de France Challenge

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Tour de France stages, mapped on Ride with GPS

We are running a challenge concurrently with the Tour de France. Join in for free and have fun, get motivated, and win some prizes!


Saturday, June 30th - Sunday, July 22nd


This year the Tour de France celebrates its 99th running and will take place from Saturday, June 30th to July 22nd and will cover 3,497 kilometers (2,173 miles) in distance. We want to challenge ourselves and you to ride like the grand tour riders for a year of bragging rights!

We will be running three competitions, so pick the one that looks like a fun challenge. See details below.


Prizes will be awarded for the following results in each competition:

  • First person to achieve the goal distance
  • Fastest average speed achieving the goal distance
  • Person with the highest average VAM achieving the goal distance
  • Person with most distance ridden in the 23 days
  • Person who climbs the most elevation in the 23 days

How Does it work?

Pick from the three competition options below, and click the "Join" button. Then just make sure you upload all your rides between June 30th and July 22nd, and we'll take care of updating the leaderboards and handing out prizes at the end!

  • Goal distance: 874.25 Kilometers / 543.25 Miles
  • Average distance per day: 38 Kilometers / 23.6 Miles
  • The gist: You can do it! Join in and be motivated to get lots of riding in!

Join the 1/4 TdF Challenge!

  • Goal distance: 1,748.5 Kilometers / 1,086.5 Miles
  • Average distance per day: 76 Kilometers / 47.2 Miles
  • The gist: I hope you like being in the saddle, this won't be easy!

Join the 1/2 TdF Challenge!

  • Goal distance: 3,497 Kilometers / 2,173 Miles
  • Average distance per day: 152 Kilometers / 94.5 Miles
  • The gist: This is the real deal. Don't worry, getting close still counts as a win in this competition.

Join the full TdF Challenge!