Frequently Asked Questions

Help! Cuesheet entries are wrong!

You may notice a right turn should actually be a left, east should be west or other such inconsistencies. This is unfortunately a common problem, however the issue is not with our software. What is most likely happening is this: you are happily mapping along some road, and you are coming up on a turn and click on the intersection of the turn before clicking along the new street. What happens is Google misinterprets the click in the intersection and routes you past your turn. This will cause Google to think you need to then turn around in order to make your turn, which causes the direction to say right instead of left, or left instead of right. This also can happen when you are just traveling straight along a street: clicking near an intersection can cause Google to think you want to turn there, which will cause an extra unnecessary entry in the cuesheet as well as a little blip on the map. To keep this problem from happening, draw your route while zoomed in closer, which will allow you to easily see when these 'blips' occur, letting you know to undo the last click and try again. Also, when mapping a turn, instead of clicking the intersection of the turn, click past the intersection in the direction you wish to turn.

When using "follow roads" and trying to map your route around or through an intersection, make sure that you click on points after the intersection rather than directly in the intersection. Setting points in this way guards against slight, unintentional detours around intersections and ensures accuracy in your maps.

Elevation Accuracy

Many people contact us to tell us our elevations are not the same as they see on their altimeter/GPS units, Garmin Connect, MMR, etc. Unfortunately, this is always going to be the case because no one actually has 100% accurate elevation information. In reality, there is no sure fire way to exactly calculate the gain/loss of a particular route! However, we can get as close as possible to accurate, which is a difficult task. Currently, we are using some complex signal processing analysis to smooth out elevation data recorded from either your GPS unit, or from the USGS elevation dataset we use when mapping a new route. We believe we have the most accurate elevation data of any online mapping service, however, we are always wanting to improve it. Please contact us if you have experience processing noisy datasets using signal processing techniques or statistical analysis and have any ideas that could help. We would love to hear from you!

Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android etc)

We do not have an official mobile app, but most of the apps that let you record your ride have an option to email a TCX or GPX file. Send the file to from the email address associated with your account, and it will be processed automatically. My Tracks is a free Android app that can do this easily. If you have a Blackberry, BBSpeedometer integrates with our site directly.

Using a Garmin Edge series bike computer

Checkout the following links for specific help
Garmin Edge 500
Garmin Edge 800
Garmin Edge 605 and 705
Garmin Edge 205 and 305

Cue sheet printing

Printing a cuesheet can be done for routes with cues. If you view the route and there is a list of directions to the left of the map, you should see a link in the upper-right corner of that list, saying "Print". Clicking the link will open a new window which you can use to print out the directions. Additionally, our premium accounts have access to a more advanced PDF cuesheet generator.

Deleting a route or trip

You can delete a route or trip by being logged in and viewing the route or trip. On the ride sidebar, select the "Overview" tab (located at the top of the sidebar). You should see a link to delete the route or trip near the bottom of the information. You can also delete routes or trips from the activities or routes sections of the site. Select the "My Profile" drop down near the top of the page, and go to either "Routes" or "Activities" to see a list of your items. You can delete them from this screen (more efficient for bulk deleting).

Embeddable Maps

To the right of the map, when viewing a route or trip, you'll find the sidebar with the route information in it. If you have the 'Overview' tab selected, there is another tab-box showing in that sidebar with three tabs, 'Comments', 'Share' and 'Export'. Click on 'Share' and you'll see a link called 'Embed code'. This is what you copy/paste into your website to embed a map.

How do I edit a cuesheet?

Either while mapping or editing a route, you can delete cuesheet points by selecting the point to the left of the map, then clicking "Delete" on the window that popsup on the map itself. Adding a cuesheet point (coursepoint) to the map can be accomplished by clicking the "Add Course Point" link to the right of the map, then selecting the location on the map to put the point.

How do I draw along a bike or multi-use path?

You may have noticed, auto-following roads does not work on multi-use paths. This is an attempt by Google to avoid lawsuits -- I can hear the police statement now: "Google directed me to drive down this path!". To get around this, you can use walking/cycling mode. Enable cycling mode by clicking "Cycling" or "Walking" to the right of the map as you are planning your route.

How do I draw straight lines?

Select 'Draw Lines' to the right of the map. This turns off the auto-route feature. Re-enable auto-routing by selecting 'Follow Roads'

What do I need to use this site?

We require a modern browser with Javascript enabled. The site is tested in Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8 and up. The site performs significantly better in any browser other than IE8 - we recommend Google Chrome.

Do I need a GPS unit to use this site?

No, our site is useful for everyone interested in route planning. The advantage of having a GPS unit is that you can use our analysis features that reveal all sorts of cool statistics about your rides.

How do I download tracks from my GPS unit onto my computer?

There are many ways to get files from your GPS unit onto you computer, and then onto our site. The most convenient way is to skip your local computer and use our Garmin Sync functionality directly. If you also want the file on your computer, then your best bet is to use Garmin Training Center to export the file from your Edge device. If you have a device other than a Garmin Edge or Forerunner, you should use the software that came bundled with your GPS unit.

How do I draw a route, and put it on a Garmin 605/705?

Creating a route with for a Garmin 705

Thanks, Brian Heiland