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Centurions Cycling Collective

Fitness, Fun, and Furlongs

Map image of a Trip from October 11, 2014

Niles to Lake Bluff - C3

Chicago, IL, US
84.7 mi
4,500 ft
5 hr 47 min

SUF - Rubber Glove [FTP]

Chicago, IL, US
16.3 mi
0 ft
59 min

SUF - The Long Scream

Chicago, IL, US
12.6 mi
0 ft
44 min

Map image of a Route from February 26, 2017

LC3 • Trojan Hills 70 • Lyons

Lyons, Walworth County, US
72.3 mi
2,874 ft

Hell Hath no Fury

Chicago, IL, US
29.7 mi
0 ft
1 hr 12 min


Chicago, IL, US
28.8 mi
0 ft
1 hr 6 min

Extra Shot+The Wretched

Chicago, IL, US
31.0 mi
0 ft
1 hr