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Your ambassador profile will be prominently displayed on every Ambassador route you submit, automatically. Here you will have an opportunity to include your logo, contact info, website links, and any details to help riders understand more about your area, your business, or your organization.

The first thing to do once your Ambassador status is approved is set up your Ambassador profile.To do this, click on the Ambassador badge next to your profile picture on your home page. This will bring you to your Ambassador profile page.

When you first visit, it will be blank. Add information by clicking the “edit profile” button in the upper right-hand corner.

Name: Add a name for your Ambassador profile. This can be whatever makes the most sense for you or your organization.

Specialty: This appears under your Ambassador profile name and can be anything you like, from “epic gravel rides” to “fun and easy city spins.” Keep it short and sweet.

Facebook/Twitter URL: Add the URL to any Facebook and/or Twitter pages you want associated with your Ambassador profile.

Logo Image: Upload a logo or other square image to be displayed as your Ambassador profile picture.

Cover Image: Upload a picture to be featured at the top of your Ambassador profile. The logo and cover image use the same dimensions as the Facebook profile picture and cover image, respectively. If you need help with your logo or cover image, we can help you out. Shoot us an email at

Description: Most important to your Ambassador profile is the description. Tell readers about your background and experience, and share details about your cycling region. As you type out your description in the Markdown field on the left side of the screen, you will see a real-time preview of the formatted text on the right. Highlight text, then choose the Markdown (formatting); you can use headers, bold, italics, bullets, numbered lists, and in-text links.

  • This is a great place to put links to your own website, as well as to any of your sponsors, local tourism organizations, cycling groups, bike shops, local businesses, or any other sites you would like your readers to see.

When you’re finished editing your profile, click the “save” button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes. You will be returned to your Ambassador profile, where you can see how your changes appear.

Now that you’ve got your Ambassador profile set up, head over to Part 2 to learn how to plan and edit Ambassador routes.


Use the Ambassador route guidelines page for reference when creating your routes.