After you’ve completed a ride, there is a lot of data to make sense of — speed, distance, elevation, and more. Learn about splits, quick laps, where to find your data, and ways to display the data.

What’s a ride? A ride (or run, hike, etc.) is an activity that you did on a particular day/time. Whenever you upload data recorded from a GPS unit or the mobile app, you’re creating a ride on our site.

There are several ways to create a ride on Ride with GPS:

The Metrics Tab

Every ride will have a metrics tab in the right side panel. Click on it to view more details about your ride.

This is where you will find all the details about your ride including duration, distance, elevation gain, max grade, and much more.


The Elevation Profile

The Elevation Profile shows much more than just elevation. This is where you will see all available sensor data including heart rate, power, cadence, and temperature.

After making a selection in the elevation profile, the metrics will be highlighted in gray to reflect the selection.


Another Graph View

Clicking the Hamburger button on top of the elevation profile will take you to a page displaying all the available graphs for the ride.


Segments are saved sections of the ride where your time is compared to other riders.

Best Efforts (Premium )

Best Efforts will display if your ride was recorded with a Power Meter. These show best 30-second efforts and best 60-second efforts.
Click Reveal More Metrics to see an expanded view of all the efforts.

Calculated Splits (Premium )

Click on one of the splits to see your metrics divided by mileage or by time. Click Reveal more Metrics for additional details.

Quick Laps and Splits (Premium )

Quick Laps enables you to generate a table of lap times for any ride that does repeated runs on a circuit.

Ride Playback

Watch your ride played back on the map by clicking Play in the bottom right side panel.

Click the gear icon to see the option to center the map on your position.

Move the Playback Speed slider to change the rate of playback, default at 32x.

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