New for the Ride with GPS app on iPhone version 1.6.9.

Updating to the latest version of the app or installing it for the first time from the iTunes app store will install the app on your Apple Watch or Apple Watch 2.

The features available depend on which Apple Watch you have. Apple Watch 2 added a GPS receiver so you can record rides using only the watch while leaving your phone at home.

Recording an Activity

Choose your recording method.
iPhone Starts recording on the iPhone while displaying the metrics on the watch.
Watch Starts recording and storing the activity data on the watch. It does not get recorded on the phone until you have finished recording on the watch.

After selecting your recording method, the rest of the screens and interactions are the same.

Apple Watch 1 will only show Phone since it does not have a standalone GPS receiver.
After you have started recording, you’ll be shown the first page of ride metrics.
Swipe left to see a second page of metrics.
Swipe right to get the pause button should you wish to pause your ride.
While your ride is Paused, you’ll have the option to Stop or Resume your ride.

Saving your activity

Pause your ride, then select Stop to finish.

The watch app will prepare your ride and attempt to upload to your phone.

You must go into the Ride with GPS app on your iPhone to complete the process.


The turn-by-turn Voice Navigation in conjunction with notifications on the Apple Watch. Your iPhone will play the cue, but you can also reference the cue on your watch within the app or as a watch notification.

You’ll get cues within the watch app.
If you are in any other watch app or haven’t accessed the watch app, you’ll get a generic system notification with the cue details inside.
You’ll also get off-course notifications and which way to head back to get back on course.

Reinstalling the Apple Watch App

If you are not seeing the Ride with GPS app on your Apple Watch, there are two ways you can get it installed.

A. Make sure you have the latest version of Ride with GPS on you iPhone via the iTunes App Store.


B. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone: My Watch > Scroll down to Ride with GPS > Toggle the switch for “Show App on Apple Watch”.


Can I install the app onto my watch without downloading the phone app?
No, only by installing the app onto your phone will the wearable app install onto your device. You can remove it from the wearable while retaining the app on your phone but not the other way around.
Which models have the standalone GPS?
Currently only the Apple Watch Generation 2 will have the ability to record as a stand-alone device. Gen1 devices do not have a GPS chip so will only be able to work in conjunction with the phone app.
I’m not getting heart rate, what am I doing wrong?
You’ll need to make sure the device is snug against your skin and start the recording from the watch rather than the phone.
Can I change metrics on the watch?
Start recording from the app on your phone and change metrics there. Then the changes will be reflected on the watch. If you start recording on the watch then the metrics cannot be changed.
How do I stop recording?
Swipe left until you see the pause icon. Press pause, then Stop to finish recording.
I didn’t mean to start recording on my watch, why can’t I cancel it without saving?
This is by design. Since you can’t review a ride on the watch, you will have to save it, upload it, then either go to the website or mobile app to delete it.
The watch isn’t speaking the cues while navigating?
The watch app only plays the standard notification sounds when prompting you with cues. You can change the sound and haptic feedback in the watch settings but this is not app specific.
What do all these abbreviated metrics mean?
ELEG – Elevation Gain
ELEL – Elevation Loss
DUR – Duration
SPD – Speed
TAS – Total Average Speed
DIST – Distance
VAM – VAM velocità ascensionale media
HR – Heart Rate
CAD – Cadence
RDS – Remaining Distance
TMP – Temperature
POW – Power
AMS – Average Moving Speed
MVT – Moving Time
ELE – (current) Elevation
PAC – Pace
MVP – Moving Pace
TIME – Time?
TIME – Time?
CUE – Distance to Cue
BAT – Battery?
AHR – Average Heart Rate
APOW – Average Power (watts)
HDG – Heading (N,S,E,W)
CUE – Bearing to Cue
ACAD – Average Cadence
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