The Archive Gear option allows you to retire that bike that you sold or no longer ride. An archived piece of gear will be retained on your profile but now it is hidden out of sight and retains the full ride and maintenance history associated with that bike.

Archiving Gear

  1. Click on Home at the top of the website.
  2. Click the Profile Tab on the left.
  3. Scroll down to the gear section of your profile.
  4. Click on the piece of gear that you wish to Archive
  5. Click the EDIT link just under the bike name.
  6. Check the box for ARCHIVE GEAR.
  7. Click the SAVE button to complete the process.
  8. After you have saved the update to the bike, you’ll now see (Achived) next to the name of the bike in the details view.

    You’ll also continue to see any ride and maintenance history associated with this bike.

    Viewing Archived Gear

    You can view the archived gear by scrolling down to the Gear section under Profile.

  9. Click VIEW ALL.
  10. Now you will see the archived gear and can view the gear and its associated rides.

Un-archiving Gear

If you want to take that bike out of retirement or the stolen bike was returned, you can un-archive gear by unchecking the Archive Gear checkbox then clicking save.

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