The bicycle maintenance log requires a Basic or Premium account. Find out more about our Membership Plans.

Keep your bike in tip-top shape by planning and tracking your maintenance.

The Bicycle Maintenance Log is a feature for Basic and Premium subscribers. Learn more about the extra features gained by upgrading your account today.

Before you can get started setting up maintenance schedules and logging part swaps, you’ll need to add your bicycle as a piece of gear.

To get to the Bicycle Maintenance Log, select the bicycle you want to add a maintenance reminder for, and click MAINTENANCE LOG link below the bicycle name.

On the maintenance log page, you can set a maintenance reminder based on the amount of miles ridden or based on a specific calendar date (or both).

To do either, just create a new reminder by clicking b Plan Maintenance, and add either a date or the number of miles left to go. You can also enter both for the same maintenance alert.

If you’ve already performed maintenance on one of your bikes and would like to keep track of it, simply check off the planned item. You can also c add maintenance items for unplanned repairs, such as flat tires. Just click d Log Maintenance and enter the date and details of the repairs.

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