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Joining a Challenge

Challenges can be accessed by visiting the host organizations home page or by clicking the Challenge link sent to you by the organizer. Challenges can be joined online or by using the Ride with GPS mobile app. Once you join a Challenge all activities you record or upload that meet the Challenge criteria will be counted towards your totals.

  1. To join a Challenge, open the Challenge page.
  2. Click Join Challenge.
  3. If you are already signed into Ride with GPS, you will just need to confirm your name and email address. If you are not signed in, you will need to sign in or create an account to join the Challenge.

Accessing a Challenge

Once you have joined a Challenge, you can access the Challenge at any point from your dashboard or the Ride with GPS app.

Accessing in the app

  1. After you have joined a Challenge, your most recent Challenges will show on your home page.
  2. Tap on a specific Challenge from your homepage or tap the Challenge icon to see all current and past Challenges.

Accessing online

  1. Challenges can be accessed directly from your dashboard page.
  2. Click on a specific Challenge or click View Challenges to see all current and past Challenges.

Challenge Rules

All Challenges have a Rules Card that tells participants the specific rules and criteria for the Challenge. Please visit the Challenge page to review the rules card to know which activities will be counted and other specifics for your Challenge.

Participating in a Challenge

You can participate in a Challenge for free by recording your activities with the Ride with GPS app, uploading your activity files from a GPS device, or syncing your GPS device with your account.

Using the app

  1. Download the Ride with GPS app and be sure to sign in with the same account you used to join the Challenge.
  2. Use the app to record your activity. Saved activities upload to your account automatically and any activity that matches the Challenge criteria will count towards your totals. For more information, see our Record Your Ride help page.

Uploading rides

  1. Sign into your Ride with GPS account online and click Upload.
  2. Click Select Files or drag your files into the upload card.
  3. Your GPS files will be uploaded to your account and any activity that matches the Challenge criteria will count towards your totals. For more information, see our Uploading Rides help page.

Syncing your device

  • Garmin users can sync rides automatically by connecting their Garmin Connect account to Ride with GPS. For more information, see our help page.
  • Wahoo user’s can sync rides automatically by connecting their Ride with GPS account to the Elemnt app. For more information see our help page.


    How are Private rides handled?

    While activities marked as ‘private’ will count towards your Challenge participation, the stats will be anonymized for organizers and will not be viewable by other participants. This means that the organizer will be able to see information like distance, elevation, and moving time for your activities, but will not be able to view the activity name or see the activity recording.

    How do I upload a ride file from Strava?

    Although there is no way to have your activities from Strava pushed to Ride with GPS, you can manually export activities from Strava and upload them to Ride with GPS. For steps on how to export activities from Strava, see their help documentation.

    How do I leave a Challenge?

    After you have joined a Challenge you can leave at any time by clicking or tapping the Challenge Joined button online or in the app. This will remove you from the Challenge as a participant and remove you from the leaderboard.

    Questions about results or Challenge details.

    If you have any questions about your Challenge results or details, please contact the Challenge organizer. If you have any technical questions on how to participant or any questions about how to use Ride with GPS, please contact info@ridewithgps.com

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