While recording a ride with our mobile app for iPhone or Android, you can easily change which metrics are shown. These real-time metrics can be changed at any time, before, during, or after a ride.

Changing Metrics in the Mobile App

On both iPhone and Android versions of the app, tap & hold down any of the 5 metrics on the screen to get a list of available metrics.

For example: Don’t have an HR sensor? Tap and hold HR for a couple of seconds.


A menu will pop up with available metrics to view like speed, average speed, and so on. We will select Moving Time for this example.

Android Select Metric

Moving Time now replaces HR. Now you can ride on and see the real-time info that is most important to you.

Swipe the metrics area to pan between the two metrics screens. This allows you to set a total of 10 different metrics to view during your ride.
(iPhone and Android)

Here’s a list of all the available metrics:

  • Speed
  • Avg. Moving Speed
  • Total Avg. Speed
  • Distance
  • Elevation Gain
  • Elevation Lost
  • Moving Time
  • Duration
  • Moving Pace
  • Pace
  • Heart Rate*
  • Cadence*
  • Power*
  • Temperature*
  • Remaining Distance
  • Distance to Cue
  • VAM
  • Current Time (12hr)
  • Current Time (24hr)
  • Battery**

* Although you can select this metric, you must have the appropriate sensor paired with the app to get any data otherwise you’ll just see a dash ( – ).
** Android Only

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