Your local cycling club has set up a Club Account on Ride with GPS. Learn how to join your club and take advantage of the paid features unlocked for all routes in the Club library.

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Joining your club

There are two ways clubs can add members. The first method is using the auto-approval link and the second is using an Apply to Join link on the club page.

Auto-approval link

To join your club using the auto-approval link, click the link that was sent to your club admin and follow the steps to sign in or sign up.

Apply to join

To join your club using the Apply to Join link, go to your club’s account page, and click the apply to join link in the right hand corner of the page. Once a club member manager has approved you, you will be added to the club and receive a confirmation email.

Accessing your club

After your club membership manager has approved your entrance into the club, you’ll see the club’s icon in your profile page under your clubs section.

Using paid features on the mobile app

Turn-by-turn Voice Navigation

You can use the paid feature of turn-by-turn voice navigation on all club routes.

If you don’t already have it, download and install the free Ride with GPs mobile app for iPhone or Android.

  • Sign into the mobile app using the same credentials that you used to sign into the website.
  • Tap the upper left corner to show the app drawer
  • Tap club routes
  • Tap the name of the route you wish to ride.
  • Tap the name of the route to view it.
  • iphong-club-routes-list
    Tap the ( ) icon in the upper right, then ride this.
    Tap the sign icon in the upper right to start navigation.
    • Tap the sign icon in the upper right to start navigation.
      The app must record your ride for the navigation to work properly.
    • Tap OK to start recording the ride and navigating the route.

    Download Offline Maps for Club Routes

    You may ride routes in areas that don’t have cellular network coverage. Prepare for these routes by first downloading the route and map info onto your iPhone or Android device.

    • Tap the download icon in the bottom right corner to download for offline use.
    • Select “Save route and Map” (recommended).
      Selecting “Save route” will only download the route line, it won’t include any map tiles.
    • Learn all about Offline Maps

    Depending on the area covered by the route, the downloading maps process may take a few minutes.

    Using paid features on the website

    Estimated Time

    After you’ve recorded and uploaded a ride, you can start to see an estimated moving time for completing your club routes.
    Learn more about Estimated Time.

    You will need to upload at least 1 ride exceeding 10 miles (16km) for Estimated Time to start showing up on club routes.

    Advanced turn notifications

    When using a Garmin Edge series device, you can export any club route with Advanced Turn Notifications.

    1. Select a route from the club library
    2. Click the EXPORT tab in the upper right corner
    3. Check the box for Turn Notifications.
      The default distance is 30 meters, but you can change this to to any distance you wish. 30 meters works for most riders, but if you want more time to react to notifications, change it to 50 meters.
    4. Click TCX Course to download the route to the NEW FILES folder on your Garmin device.
      See EXPORTING ROUTES TO GARMIN DEVICES for detailed instructions

    Print PDF Maps and Cue Sheets

    When you want a paper version of the route and cue sheet, take advantage of the paid feature for printing PDFs.

    1. Click the name of a route to view it
    2. Click PRINT MAP + CUE PDF
    3. Check the options you wish to include in the PDF.
    4. Finish by clicking the GENERATE PDF button at the bottom of the page. The completed PDF will be e-mailed to you automatically.
      For more details on customizing a PDF, check out Customizing Cue Sheets.
    5. To get started with your own club account, START HERE.

      If you have any questions about a club account, contact Club Support.

      More info about paid features:

      1. Estimated Time
      2. Starting Navigation on Mobile
      3. Offline Maps for iPhone or Android
      4. Print Maps and Cue Sheets
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