Post messages on your Club account page to inform your members about upcoming rides, special announcements, or any news that is relevant to your Club audience. Members can then get e-mailed notifications of messages and reply on the message board.

Only route managers and member managers can post new messages.
Added February 15, 2015: The option to allow members to post messages can be found under the Club settings page.
To create a new club message, scroll down to the messages section then click the NEW MESSAGE button in the upper right corner.
Fill in your message details and select the visibility of the message. This will determine who can see the message:

  • Public is visible to anyone that visits the club page.
  • Club Members is visible to only approved members.
  • Route managers is only visible to approved route managers and member managers.
After a new message is posted for Club Members or Public, your club members will receive a new e-mail notification. They can unsubscribe from these notifications at any time by clicking unsubscribe in the e-mail footer.

If a member replies to a message, then they are automatically subscribe to all future replies to that message. They can unsubscribe from future reply notifications at any time by clicking unsubscribe in the e-mail footer.

Message Member Groups

Member managers can message specific members or groups of members from the member table.

Select the members you would like to message (or message groups by assigning tags) and click Send Message.

Your message will be emailed to all members you have selected and a message will be sent to their message center.

(Note, if you are using the message feature, it is a good idea to require members to enter name and email when they join the club to ensure there is a valid email address on file)

Direct Message Members

Anyone with “Manages Members” enabled can direct message + email someone listed in the member list.
You will see an ENVELOPE icon in the row for every member listed.
Click the evelope , and you will get a pop up box to type a Subject + Message.

When finished, click SEND.

The recipient will receive the following:

A message notification will show up on the upper right corner of the website when they are signed into their own account.
An email will get sent to the email address they have on file with their account as well.
Click either of those will take them to their messages page on the website where they can view the message and reply if they would like. If they reply, a message + email will go back to the personal account of the original message sender.

To get started with your own club account, START HERE.

If you have any questions about a club account, contact Club Support.

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