Use collections to organize your favorite rides and routes. You can also follow collections of other rides that have been shared with you.

Creating a collection

  1. Go to Collections
  2. Click ‘New Collection
  3. Fill in a Title and Overview, add a Cover Image, and enable/disable an overview map
  4. Click SAVE to finish.

Importing routes and rides to a collection

  1. While viewing the collection, click ‘Import Routes & Rides
  2. Type in the name of the route or ride into the search field
  3. Click each route & ride you want to add. You can add anything from your rides and routes list as well as any public rides and routes from anyone on the website.
  4. Click Add to Collection to finish.

More ways to add to a collection

As a Premium subscriber, you gain access to bulk adding routes and rides to a collection from the Rides and Routes pages:

  1. In the Rides or Routes pages, mark the checkboxes of the items you want to add to an existing or new collection. Once you have clicked at least box, the ‘Add to Collection‘ option will appear.
  2. Click ‘Add to Collection
  3. Select one or more Collections or ‘Add to New Collection

Editing a Collection Name, Photo, or Description

When viewing an individual collection, at the top of the page click Edit Collection Details.

You can then change your collections name, description, photo, or enable/disable a map.

Edit Rides and Routes

  1. Quickly edit a Ride or Route when viewing a Collection
  2. Select the ride or route you want, click the Pen icon
  3. For Routes, this will open the Route Planner to edit your Route
  4. For Rides, this will open the Edit Ride Details page to modify your Ride name, metrics, or description
  5. Once you make changes, updates to the Ride/Route will reflect immediately in your Collection

Removing rides and routes

Hover your mouse pointer over the ride or route to be removed then click the trashcan icon.

This action only removes the item from the collection and does NOT delete the route or ride.

Reordering rides and routes

While viewing the collection, drag and drop the rides and routes into the order you prefer.

Using Collections

Using the Map

  1. While viewing the collection, you will see all the items added on the map.
  2. Click on the individual rides/routes on the map to get quick details
  3. Click View Route/Ride to open the full view and metrics of the route/ride.

Viewing Collections on your app

  • Once you create or follow a collection, you will be able to see it in the Ride with GPS app on the Home page.
  • Tap on the Collection to view the contents
  • Tap on the route or ride to view it’s details, or start navigation.

Sharing a collection

  1. While viewing any of your Collections, click the SHARE button.
  2. Share it view Facebook, Twitter, or copy the URL to paste into email or however you wish to share it.
  3. Once you share a collection, anyone with the URL can view this collection.

Following a collection

  1. Once someone has sent you a collection via email or a social network, you can follow it by clicking FOLLOW.


Is there a limit to the number of collections?
You can create as many collections as you like. There is no limit.
How many collections can I follow?
As many as you like! But they will have to be shared with you.
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