Events allow you to add multiple routes on a single page, provide more information about the routes, and organize your routes and participants. These are a great way to organize charity rides, tours, or weekend rides.

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Create An Event

Create an Event

  1. Click on Calendar
  2. Click Create an Event at the top of the Calendar or in the bottom right corner
  • Give your event a name
  • Select a date
  • Click create event
  • Click edit details to fill in more info about the event.
    • Event Name
    • Start and End Date: click the checkbox to set it to All Day or set a time.
    • Location
    • Request participant age and gender: if you enable this option, participants must provide their age and gender if they wish to participate in event leaderboards. They are free to opt out if they prefer.
    • Description: provide detailed info about the event like registration, fees, expectations, and conditions. Paste in URLs to create links.
    • Click save when the details are complete.
  • Add your event routes by clicking add route and using the search box to type in the name of the route and select it from the list.
  • Examples

    Example 1 – A company retreat
    Ride with GPS took a company retreat for the weekend at Treo Ranch in Eastern Oregon. Here’s the event page we put together to get all of the employees ready to ride for three days. Notice all the tabs that have day-specific info, gear recommendations, and scroll down to see the list of individual routes to be ridden.

    Check out the full event page.

    Example 2 – Gran Fondo
    All routes begin at the same spot, but there are several route length options. Riders can choose which route to take.

    Check out the full event page.

    Example 3 – Coastal Tour
    Each day of riding ends there the next day begins. Although the routes aren’t connected, they can be shown all at once to show a continuous tour.

    This example also includes the use of additional tabs to show more information like camping arrangements, weather, and gear lists.

    Each route begins with a number to put them in the order to be ridden.


    When all your information is ready to go it’s time to share your event with the world. You can share your event on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or grab a link to the event page and share it on your website or send an email out to everyone who should know about it. The email feature is great for organized group rides.

    Share it easily on social networks, email, or on your own website:

    Learn more about our Event Organizer Account.

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