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Creating an Event Page
Add Organizers to an Event
Backing up Your Event
Reusing or Retaining Event Pages
Set Official PDF
Event List
Tag Events
Archive Events
Example Event Pages
Event Sharing Options

Creating an Event Page

With your Event account, you can create multiple individual events, each with its own dedicated event page. Each event can contain all the routes and any additional info you wish to provide to that event’s participants.
  • Sign in to your Event account.
  • Scroll down to the route library and select all the routes you want for your event.
  • Give the event a name.
  • Confirm the start date, and fill in an end date if this is a multi-day event.
  • Uncheck the “all day” option to give the event a specific start time.
  • Select who can see your event:
    • Anyone, it’s public: anyone and everyone can RSVP to this event.
    • Event account members: if you want only those that are invited to be able to RSVP.
    • Route managers – Only Event account route managers will be able to view and RSVP to this event. Use this setting during the planning phase of your event so that nobody else can see the event page until it’s ready to go public.
  • Click the SAVE button to create the event page and see more options.
  • Click EDIT EVENT DETAILS to to adjust more settings for your event.
  • Write a short description of your event. If you paste in a URL to another web page we’ll hotlink it for you automatically.
  • Write a short description of your event. If you paste in a URL to another web page we’ll hotlink it for you automatically.
  • Optional: Set the Location. Fill in this field with a landmark, location name, or city that means something to your participants.
  • Optional: Checkbox for Automatically remove participants. This option clears your participant list after a certain amount of time has passed. You’ll only want to use this option if you plan on re-using the event page for a recurring event.
  • Optional: Checkbox for the overall segment leaderboard. Learn more about this option in Event Leaderboards.
  • Click the SAVE button when you are finished.
  • After saving your event details, don’t forget to add a graphic to your event page by clicking +ADD LOGO.

Add Organizers to an Event

    You can list organizers on your event so all your guests know who is leading the tour.

  1. Create or view an event from your club’s account and click Edit Event Details
  2. Type the first 3 characters of the member you’d like to add as an organizer, select their name from the list, and click enter. You can add as many organizers as you’d like.
  3. Once you save the event details, the organizers will be listed for anyone viewing the event.

Backing up Your Event

Our servers are backed up every day, but if you want a local copy of your event that you can upload again at any time, you can make a backup.
  • Sign in as the Event account
  • Go to the event page that you wish to back up.
  • Click the BACKUP link
  • Click OK to the backup confirmation prompt.
  • You’ll find your event backup by clicking on HOME (while still signed into the Event account)
  • Click on the BACKUPS button.
  • You’ll be taken to the Event Backups page where you can find all Event backup files available for download.

Learn more about Backups.

Reusing or Retaining Event Pages

Once an event is finished, you have several options for that event page:

  1.  Leave the event page as is and let the leaderboards stand indefinitely.
  2. Copy the event so that the original is left online but the copy can be given a new date.
  3. Clear the participant list and reuse the event page for a different date.

1. Leave the Event Page As Is

To leave your event page as is, no further action is required on your part. If you have set up leaderboards, send the event link to all the participants to encourage them to check out the leaderboards for the event.

2. Copy the Event

  • Sign in as the Event Account.
  • Go to the event page to be copied.
  • Fill in the new event name if it will be different. i.e: Change “Gran Fondo 2017” to “Gran Fondo 2018”.
  • Change the starting/ending date for the new event.
  • Click the CREATE button to finish the copy.

The copied event will have a new URL to be shared to participants but will still contain all the routes and event details of the original event but with an empty participant list.

3. Clear the Participant List and Reuse the Event Page

If you just want to reuse the event page and keep the URL the same, you can clear the participant list one two different ways:

Clear the list manually:

  1. Sign in as the Event account.
  2. Go to the event page to be cleared.
  4. Then click the checkbox in the upper left to select all participants
  5. Click Delete
    This will clear the list of everyone that had RSVPed to the event. Once you clear this list it cannot be recovered, and the leaderboards will be cleared.


Set an expiration date:

  1. Sign in as the Event account.
  2. Go to the event page to be cleared.
  3. Click the checkbox for Automatically remove participants.
  4. Select the amount of time you want to pass before the participant list is cleared. This can be two weeks, 30 days, or 60 days.
  5. Click the SAVE button when you are finished.

Set Official PDF

    With the organization account, you can set an Official PDF so your riders can download a customized PDF map with a click of a button.

  1. Click Print PDF from any of your organization’s route pages
  2. To learn more about creating and customizing your PDF cuesheet.

  3. Configure your desired settings and click Set as Official PDF.
  4. Riders will be able to download your Official PDF directly from the event page and from the route page.

  5. To remove your Official PDF settings, click Remove Official PDF.

Event List View

Toggle between calendar view or list view in the upper right corner of the events section. We recommend using list view, which you can default to through your Manage Account page.
List view will show all the events, dated and un-dated.

Tag Events

    From the Event Library using List View

  1. Select the events you wish to tag.
  2. Click Set Tags
  3. In the Event Tags field, type in the desired tag or click to show the list of available tags.
  4. After you have typed a tag, press enter to complete the tag. It will appear in a small box.
  5. Repeat these steps to add additional tags to the same event

Archive Events

Events can be archived from the event list. These events will not be visible to event account members for viewing on the web or app. These events can be added back into the event list for use by members. Only a route manager will have access to these options.

  1. Select the events you want to archive by clicking the checkboxes adjacent to their names
  2. Click Archive at the bottom row beneath events list
  3. View your archived events by clicking View Archived Events in upper right
  4. Events can be unarchived with these same steps from the View Archived Events page



In addition to the RSVP code that you can email to your invitees. You can use the Multi-route Embed to embed a preview the routes on your own website.

Now check out Part 4: Inviting and Managing Event Participants