Interested in a cost-effective solution for your mapping? Contact for options and pricing. We do lots of custom mapping for Events, Tours, Charity Rides, and everything in between. We can handle multi-day and multi-route maps, custom elevation profiles, multiple annotation styles, logos, whatever you need. Whether it’s an 8 1/2″ x 11” (A4) handout for your riders or a 30″x40″ poster-sized file for Info/SAG purposes, we can help.

Multiple Elevation Profiles. We can color code the elevation profiles to match your route colors to better show the different days or ride options.

Custom elevation profile styles to match your event needs. We can show each day or route separately or all in line if they fall one after another. We can highlight challenging climbs, add annotations, and show Points of Interest like water stops.


Stacked Routes to display shorter routes on top of the longer routes.


Side-by-Side route lines for that metro-subway look.


Choose from different map styles for a simple view, more details, or show some elevation shading.



Ride with GPS Gran Fondo

A fictional event to show how we can fully mark up where the supported stops are located, where each route goes, and a legend for the route symbols.


Restoration Ride 2017


Phil’s Fondo


Contact for more info or if you have any questions.

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