Interested in a cost-effective solution for your mapping? Contact for options and pricing.

We do lots of custom mapping for Events, Tours, Charity Rides, and everything in between. We can handle multi-day and multi-route maps, custom elevation profiles, multiple annotation styles, logos, whatever you need. Whether it’s an 8 1/2″ x 11” (A4) handout for your riders or a 30″x40″ poster-sized file for Info/SAG purposes, we can help.

What you get:

What do you get when it is all said and done? You get a print-ready file in either PDF or Adobe Illustrator format that you can take to a print house of your choice.

Custom Map Examples:

Displaying Routes:

Select which of our styles you would like to use in displaying your route(s) on the map. You get to pic the colors.

The routes are stacked with variations in thickness.
Good for loops and overlapping routes of different lengths.

Displaying Elevation Profiles:

Select which of our styles you would like to use in displaying the elevation profile for each route.

The color of the elevation profile will match the color of your route lines.

Annotated Elevation Profiles:

We can annotate your elevation profiles to show key climbs or POIs along the route.

Other markup:

We can include other annotations and markups at your request:

  • Start/Stop icons
  • Distance Markers
  • Rest Stops
  • First Aid stations
  • Segment Challenges
  • Notation on Elevation Profiles
  • Map legend or Key
  • Other custom mark-up as needed

Your logo here:

We can include your branding, sponsors, partners, and affiliated logos. We ask that you provide the logos in vector format like AI, EPS, or SVG.

Some Guidelines:

Print colors are in CYMK, so if you give us colors in RGB, they might print slightly different. Provide CMYK or Pantone values when you can.

Getting your logo(s) and other wanted graphics in vector format ensures that we can scale them to any size and not get jagged-looking results.

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