Need to delete a ride that you just uploaded? Or perhaps a Route?

Rides that are deleted can NOT be restored. Use with care!

Here are a few ways that Rides can be deleted from your profile. Once rides have been deleted, your career stats will get updated immediately.

  • If you are still on the upload page, you can remove any uploaded rides by clicking the delete button right next to the ride. This will immediately remove it from your ride list (super useful if you have accidentally uploaded the same ride multiple times).
  • Delete rides from the Routes & Rides tab on your home page.
  • While viewing a ride, go to the right side panel and click the DELETE THIS TRIP link.
  • Premium & Basic subscribers can go to the Ride Center, filter rides by name, date, tags, and other info, select multiple rides, then click DELETE in the lower right corner.

Deleting on the mobile app

In the mobile app for iPhone or Android, rides and routes can be deleted.

Tap the ride or route to be deleted. Then…

Tap the gear icon () in the upper right corner, then select DELETE.
Tap the menu icon ( ) in the upper right corner, the select DELETE.

REMEMBER: Once a ride or route has been deleted it cannot be restored. USE WITH CAUTION.

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