Dial in your navigation experience using Custom Cues. Call out pertinent wayfinding details, segment starts and additional course information — Custom Cues are shown on-screen and announced verbally during turn-by-turn voice navigation from the Ride with GPS mobile app. Doing it old school? Print a map and cuesheet with all your custom entries.

Add Custom Cues to Aid Navigation

Clarify tricky navigation and add route information like the start of climbs or segments using Custom Cue markers. Need to call out specific intersections, turns or embed pertinent trip information into your route? No problem! Premium members can drop a Custom Cue, in the web-based route planner, anywhere along your course or elevation profile to embed navigation-specific cues into your route and associated cuesheet.

Cues in the Mobile App

While using Voice Navigation in the mobile app, anything entered into the notes field of your Custom Cue forms will be read aloud. To access your cuesheet while recording in the app, tap the Cuesheet button in the toolbar at along the bottom. Select individual cues to view their location on the map. Tap the UP or DOWN carat icons to the right within the cuesheet to expand or collapse the fullscreen cuesheet view. Cues and cuesheets will be generated using the Mobile Route Planner as well as the web-based Route Planner.

Cuesheets are accessible while viewing any route’s landing page. Simply slide up and select the Cuesheet icon from the menu below. Tap on individual cues within the cuesheet to view their location on the map.

Upgraded members can use the web-based Route Planner to place Custom Cues throughout planned routes to provide additional layers of detailed information while navigating a course. Custom Cues will be visible within the route’s cuesheet on the mobile app and will be verbalized during Voice Navigation


Cues and cuesheets are created automatically in the Mobile Route Planner and generated on the web simply by checking the box marked Generate Cuesheet in the Settings menu.


Premium members have access to the Cue Review tool which walks through each of a route’s cues to ensure accuracy, and allows you to make any changes or corrections before saving.


Upgraded members can also print maps and cuesheets with custom cue icons and coloration flagged within the list.

Any other questions, send us an email at info@ridewithgps.com.