Try our new design before it launches

The home for all your Ride with GPS data has gotten better! If you are interested in seeing our new mobile home screen on Android, along with a new Library for your data, a new way to view your stats, and more, please read on for more instructions.

This preview is limited to our Android app. The iOS app is still a work in progress. The changes are primarily to the home screen, the Library, and the “drawer”, which has been moved from the upper left to the bottom right and is now called “More”. We did not change any core functionality with this update, but we did add in a new activity stats view.


How to Preview the App

First, ensure you are running a recent version of the Ride with GPS app. To do this, open the Google Play store, search for “Ride with GPS” and tap on our result. If there is an update available, install it. If it just says “Open” you are on the most recent version.

Next, enable the new mobile home screen on your account. This is done via our website, and you may be asked to login. If so, your login is the email address and password you used when signing up for an account. You can also use this link to disable the new mobile home if you want to go back to the original layout.

Enable New Mobile Home

Scroll down if necessary, and tap the slider to toggle between enabling and disabling.

Finally, you will need to quit and then re-open the app. On Android, this is accomplished in different ways depending on your phone. If you know how to quit apps on your phone, quit the Ride with GPS app. If not, the easiest way is to restart your phone. The next launch of the app will then open to the new home screen.


Tell us what you think!

Send us an email at to let us know your thoughts on the new layout. We will be launching this for all users in the next 2 to 4 weeks, and would appreciate any feedback before launching. Thanks!.

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