You may have noticed that the screenshots on this page look a little different. On November 29, we’re updating the look of our website, and the screenshots you see here show our new design. The Ride with GPS website has the same tools and functions you know and love; it’s just going to look a little different. If you have questions or need screenshots of features as they appear on the site currently, drop us a line at

The Estimated Time feature is a metric for Premium members that will give you an estimated moving time for all of your routes. The metric is a personal number based off your recent ride history of rides exceeding 10 miles (16km) that represents the estimated moving time for the route. As you plan a new route, or edit an existing one, the number will continually update based of the route you are currently planning. Premium members will now also have Estimated Time for all of their existing routes too.

You will need to upload at least 1 ride exceeding 10 miles (16km) for Estimated Time to start showing up on routes.
You’ll see your Estimated Time as you plan a new route or while editing an existing route.

Every time you adjust your route, the Estimated Time will change accordingly.

How fast can I do their route?
When viewing another member’s route, the Estimated Time metric will be based on your ride history.

You’ll also find Estimated Time under the Metrics tab of existing routes.
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