The Event account works much like your personal Ride with GPS account, except it can be used by multiple members to administer routes for your event-planning organization. Each Event account has its own list of routes, event pages, calendar, and can be used to plan new routes.

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Getting Started
Set Up your Event Account Profile

Getting Started with your Event Account

Once you’ve created an Event account, visit your Event account page:

  • Sign in to your personal account and scroll down under the Profile tab to your Events section.
  • Your new Event account will appear in this section with a Ride with GPS badge (a default that will be replaced by your event page logo).
  • Click on the badge to edit your account details.

Set Up Your Event Account Profile

Your Event account profile page will be blank when you first open it; add contact info, a description of your events, links to your website, logo, and a cover image.

To edit your Event account profile, click the settings button.

You can set up your Event account page with the following settings:

  • Name: The name of your Events account
  • Subhead: A single sentence to describe your organization/events
  • Facebook URL: Link to your Facebook page.
  • Twitter URL: Link to your Twitter feed.
  • Contact Name: The name of the admin members should contact with questions.
  • Contact Email: The email of the admin members should contact with questions.
  • Logo Image: A squared image of your Event logo.
  • Cover Image: A photo to represent your ridership.

You can also determine how you will let event participants join your Event account page, decide on communication settings, and set units of measurement for the account:

  • Only allow riders with invite link to join event: Riders can only join if they click the invite link that is shared with them
  • Require members to set a name and e-mail address: This allows you to get a name an e-mail address from those that typically use a nickname and/or have signed up via Facebook
  • Enable messages A message board to share with event participants
  • Allow members to post messages: All participants will be able to read and post new messages to the account’s message board.
  • Enable calendar & events: Enable the Event account’s calendar feature. This will add a calendar to your Event account’s main page.
  • Use metric units when signed into the account: The Event account preferences will over-ride participants’ preferences when viewing a route.

Description: This is where you will give more information about your organization, expectations of event participants, what to bring for events, contact info, or anything else you feel needs to be included in your public profile page. As you type out your description in the markdown field on the left side of the screen, you will see a real-time preview of the formatted text on the right. Highlight text, then choose the markdown. You can also type out the markdown codes.

Click the question mark to see a full list of available markdown codes.

Make sure to click the SAVE button when you are finished with your changes.


Now that you have set up your Event account page and configured the settings, it’s time to set up your Route Library.

Now move on to Part 2: The Route Library