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Messaging Event Participants
Direct Messaging Staff and Volunteers

Message Event Participants

Event staff who are members of the Event account can send emails to event participants to inform them about any news pertaining to the event.

To send a message to participants, open the event page and click “manage participants” to the left of the event route map.
This will bring up a window with a list of that event’s participant list. Click “send message” to email all event participants.
Type your message to participants, and click “send.” All participants who are RSVPed to the event from which the message was sent will receive your message via email.

Direct Messaging Staff and Volunteers

Members of the Event account page can send direct messages and emails to Event staff and volunteers who are members of the account page using the member list.
You will see an envelope icon in the row for every member listed.
To send a message to a specific person, click the envelope that appears next to their name in the member list. Write your message as normal and click “send.”
The recipient will receive both a message notification in the upper right corner of the Ride with GPS website and an email, sent to the email address associated with their Ride with GPS account. Both will direct them to their Ride with GPS messages page, where they can view the message and reply.

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