After planning your route, export it to your Garmin device in various file formats for navigation.

Before exporting your routes, try to limit the name to 15 characters or less for TCX files or 21 characters or less for GPX files.

  1. While viewing a route, click on the EXPORT tab in the right side panel.
  2. Click on one of the file types. In this example, I will select TCX COURSE.
  3. By default, my browser has placed the TCX Course file in my DOWNLOADS folder.
  4. export-copy
  5. Plug in your Garmin device into your computer via USB.
  6. Drag & drop or copy & paste the downloaded file into the Garmin > Garmin > NewFiles folder.
  7. *eTrex, Oregon, GPX 6x series, and Montana series will have a folder called GPX.

  8. Eject the device from the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.
  9. Simply unplugging the device from your computer without ejecting it may result in corrupt data on the device.

  10. Turn ON your Garmin and select your route to start navigating!

    Get more specific info for your Garmin Device.

  11. The available file types and options:

    TCX Course & FIT File:
    Great for use with all the Garmin Edge devices.
    The “Notify Before Turn” setting is available for Premium and Basic subscribers.
    “Reduce to 500 points” is for much older devices.
    GPX Track:
    Contains only the breadcrumb trail for use with other GPS devices.
    Include POI As Waypoints?
    The routes Points of Interest will be displayed separately from the route and depending on your device will remain in memory.
    Include Cues as Waypoints?
    Only recommended for much older devices that do not have navigation functionality. We recommend this for the eTrex, Oregon, and Montana series.
    GPX Route:
    Contains only the cues, no track information.
    Cue Sheet CSV File:
    Contains ONLY the cues. No track information. Open this with your preferred spreadsheet program to have full control how the cues are formatted.
    Google Earth KML:
    Only used in Google Earth, not compatible with any Garmin devices.

    Learn more about choosing a GPX or TCX file.