When you join Ride with GPS, you become part of a global network of cyclists who share routes and rides with each other. Once you connect with other users you can share your activities with your community, look at your feed to see what friends are up to, and follow along with the adventures of other cyclists from all around the world.


Your feed shows the activities of the users you follow. It’s a great place to see what your friends are up to, get ideas for new routes to ride, and see photos from the road.


These two categories designate which users can view your routes, rides and other activities (and vice versa). This ensures that you have control over your privacy, while giving you the opportunity to follow along with the adventures of other users.

Followers: When you follow someone, you will see their activities shared as Public in your feed. If other people follow you, they will see your publicly shared activities in their feed.

To Follow a user:

1. Go to their profile
2. Click on the Follow button

Friends: When you friend another user you automatically follow them and, additionally, all of your activities that are shared as Friends Only and Public will appear in their feed. When you add a user as a friend, you are not automatically added as their friend; in order for them to share their Friends Only activities with you, they must also add you as a friend.

To Friend a user in the mobile app:
1. Go to their profile
2. Click the three dots by the Follow button
3. Select Add to Friends

To Friend a user on the web:
1. Go to their profile
2. Click the Follow button
3. Click Add to Friends


When you share an activity (ex: save a new route or upload a recent ride) as Public, the activity will show up in the feed of your Friends and your Followers.

When you share an activity to Friends, only users who are Friends will see it in their feeds.

When you share an activity as Private, only you will see it. The activity will not show up in the feeds of Friends or Followers.

You have the ability to Block another user if you do not want them to be able to view any of your future activities, whether posted public, to friends, or private.

Additionally, have the option to Report Harassment from another user. Any form of harassment is not tolerated by Ride with GPS and we encourage you to notify us when it occurs. After submitting your report, the user in question will immediately be blocked from seeing any of your future activities and our Support Team will follow up with you to discuss next steps.

Learn more about how to manage your privacy settings.

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