What are Feed Tabs? These are the tabs that get updated every time you or a friend upload a ride, share a cool picture, or a news item is posted.


This is all your profile information, Career stats, latest rides and routes,

Click the “MANAGE ACCOUNT” link to update your profile info:

  • Nickname
  • Change your password
  • Say a little bit about yourself
  • Share interests
  • Set your home location
  • Set unit preferences
  • Update notification settings

Learn more about managing your account.

Scroll down this feed to see your latest photos, gear, group memberships, and events in which you are participating or planning.


Here is where all your latest rides will show up. Share a photo. Share something on your mind. Your latest ride will be at the top of the list. Everything entered here will show up in the Friends feed of other riders.


Keep in touch with your cycling friends with the Ride with GPS Friend Feed.

From your home page, click on Friends in the feeds panel on the left side of the screen, and click Find Friends to search for folks you may know, then click “Add Friend”.

Friendship on Ride with GPS is a two-way street, so you have to approve any friend requests and your requests must be approved before your friends can follow each other’s activity feed.

Once approved, you and your friends can follow your latest rides in your Friends feed with all the latest rides and routes at the top of the feed.

Want to add someone who is not on Ride with GPS? There’s a link at the top of the Find Friend page to invite them to join. Just enter their e-mail address and click Send Invitation.

Learn more about adding friends.


All of our site news, cool reviews, promotions, or other cycling-related things will be posted in the NEWS feed.

To get to the feed, just go to your Home page and click NEWS in the panel on the left of the page.

You’ll know whenever we’ve posted there, because you’ll see a highlighted number of new posts right next to the NEWS tab.

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