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By default, the search will center on the location that’s noted in your profile or, if you haven’t saved a default location, the search centers on Portland, OR. You can go about saving a default search location here.

What is the difference between a Ride and Route?
This article assumes you know the difference between a route and a ride. A ride is a recording/activity from a GPS unit or mobile app that contains a path with time information. A route, unlike a ride, does not have any time information associated with it. A route also typically has a cue sheet. You can plan a bike ride using or route planner, which saves the route with a cuesheet. Then, you can ride along the route you created, recording your location, and the resulting upload is known as a ride or trip.

Find a Route:

Look in:
All Rides and Routes This option search all the public rides and routes on the website. It excludes rides and routes that have been marked as Friends Only or Private.

Only My Rides and Routes This options searches only the rides and routes on your account.

Starts within X miles of: This field is automatically filled in based on the location set on your Profile. Clear out this field to see results from all over the world.

Keywords: This field is where you would type in a keyword that is in the name or description of the ride or route you are trying to find.

Move the handles on either side of the slider to set the minimum and maximum distance criteria. Leaving the sliders at the ends defaults to show Any Distance in the results.

Move the sliders to set the minimum and maximum amount of elevation gain for the search results. If you are wanting a route with minimal climbing, leave the minimum on the far left and set the max to something around 5,000 or lower.


  • Paved = 0-2% unpaved
  • Mostly paved = 2-15% unpaved
  • Mixed surfaces = 15-60% unpaved
  • Mostly unpaved = 60-95% unpaved
  • Unpaved =  95-100% unpaved
Route Type:
Loop Routes must start and end within 10%
of the distance of the route, or 4 miles, whichever is shorter.
Out & Back Route appears to overlap
itself at least 65% of the time then we call it an out &
back, otherwise it’s a loop.
Point to Point If route does not overlap
start/end, it is a point to point.

Ready to Explore? Check out the Ambassador World Directory

If you want to find curated, high quality routes for a specific region, but sure to click the “Browse the Directory” to view Ambassador routes from all over the world.

If you want to find curated, high quality routes for a specific region, but sure to click the “Browse the Directory” to view Ambassador routes from all over the world.

You can change the sort order of your results by selecting a different order in the Sort box at the top of the page.

You can also filter by additional fields in the left panel. Here, you can find by keyword, events, rides with cue sheets, and rides with leaderboards, as well as rides for specific recreational activity types.

Find Events

Looking for an event route? We automatically put upcoming events high up in your search results, to make these easy to find.

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