The Ride with GPS mobile app is only compatible with the Varia RTL515 and RVR315 radar units via Bluetooth connection. When paired with either of those units, you will received both audio and visual radar alerts on your phone warning you of approaching vehicles from behind

Pairing the Garmin Varia

  1. Press the power button on your Garmin Varia radar to turn it on.
  2. Go to More > Settings
  3. Go to Bluetooth and Sensors
  4. Toggle Enable Bluetooth
  5. Tap Set up Varia Radar
  6. On iPhone tap ‘Pair’.

    On Android tap ‘Search’

  7. So long as your device is on, it should only take a second to find the device.

    Android: The ‘Search’ button will change to ‘Found’

    iPhone: A message box will appear to confirm that you are pairing to the right device. Tap ‘Use’ to finish pairing.


Disable audio alerts by toggling the audio alert option in the set up screen.
To move the vehicle bar to the other side of the recording screen and do the following:

Android: Tap ‘Align to the ride-side of screen’.

iPhone: Toggle ‘Vehicle track on:’ left or right.

Using the Varia

Now that the Garmin Varia is paired, you can use it immediately by tapping the ‘Go Ride’ button in the app.

This will bring up the recording screen with the vehicle track on the left or right side (depending on your preference) and show any oncoming traffic.

After traffic has passed and there are no more vehicles, you’ll get an ‘all clear’ chime.

When fast traffic appears behind, the vehicle bar will turn red and give a audible warning.

Low Battery

When the battery of your Garmin Varia gets low or it has disconnected from your phone, the vehicle bar will turn orange and a low battery indicator will show in the corner.
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