Set personal cycling goals to keep yourself motivated, or use them to set benchmarks throughout the year. You can also create challenges and invite your friends.

Whether you want to set up a club mileage challenge, prep for that big tour later in the year, or you’re planning to ride your first century let Goals keep you on pace. On the website or the latest version of our iOS and Android app, you’ll have the ability to track your progress in real time, and check leaderboards to see how your friends are doing.

This feature is available for ALL account levels.

Create Your First Goal

Set a Goal…

  1. Go to
  2. Select a Goal type
  3. Types of Goals:

    Ride Farther
    Challenge yourself to ride a certain distance. Calculated based on the total distance of your recorded rides.
    Spend more time on the Bike
    Set a goal to up your time spent riding. Calculated based on the total moving time of your recorded rides.
    Climb Higher
    See how much elevation gain you can do. This goal is calculated on the total elevation gain metric of your recorded rides.
    Challenge Friends
    See who can do the most mileage or climbing before the challenge ends. This challenge is a bit more opened ended. Set date range for the challenge then try to get as much riding completed before the end. You can challenge yourself or invite as many friends as you like.
  4. Give your goal a name, description, set a date range, and add an icon.

Inviting Friends

After your goal is created, click the INVITE FRIENDS button.
You can then select all your friends you wish to participate in your goal or challenge.

Joining a Goal

Someone can send you the URL to a Goal. Follow the URL, then click JOIN GOAL.

Joining a Goal on Mobile

When you sign into the app, you’ll see your current Goals as well as any new Goals awaiting you to join.
Someone has invited you to a goal, you can join it on the website or by signing into the mobile app.

  • Tap the name of the goal to view details.
  • Tap JOIN if you wish to participate, or DECLINE to have it removed from your list of goals.
  • Goal Progress

    When you sign into the mobile app, you’ll see all your current goals with the progress automatically updated. Tap the goal to see who is participating, then tap a participant’s name to see all the rides they have applied to that goal.

    Show Trips

    Any participant of a Goal can view the trips of another participant.

    1. Hover the mouse pointer over the goal
    2. Click SHOW TRIPS
    3. Click HIDE TRIPS when you wish to collapse the participants ride history.

    Excluding Trips

    The owner of a Goal can view the trips of any participant and check the box to exclude specific trips. The participant of the Goal can also exclude their own rides but not the rides of other participants.

    1. Click SHOW TRIPS
    2. Check the box next to any trip to exclude it. Un-check the box to include the trip.
      As trips are excluded the total for that participant is updated automatically.

    Manually Logged Rides

    If you do not have a speed sensor for indoor rides, or forget to record your ride, do not worry as you can still log a manual trip in your Goals. Just Log it Manually and it will populate in your goal.

    Leaving a Goal

    You can still leave a goal after you have joined it. You can leave it from the website or from the mobile app.

  • From the website, go to the goal.
  • Click LEAVE GOAL
  • You are no longer participating in this goal.
  • If you are the owner/creator of a goal, you will not be able to leave it. You can only delete the goal, but this will delete the goal for all participants.

  • Tap the … in the upper right corner of the goal.
  • Tap LEAVE GOAL. This will remove your participation from the goal and remove you from its leaderboard. You can be re-invited again at any time.
  • Editing a Goal

    The creator of a goal can edit the goal at anything time by clicking EDIT GOAL in the upper right corner.

    You will only be able to edit the Goal icon, name, and description.

    You cannot change the goal type, distance/elevation/time nor the dates. If you made a mistake in creating your goal type then you will simply have to create a new goal.

    Click SAVE CHANGES when you are finished editing your goal.

    Deleting a Goal

    You can delete a Goal that you have created at any time.

    1. Go to the Goal page that you have created.
    2. Click the DELETE GOAL button and confirm your selection.
    3. The Goal will be deleted from your list of goals and the list of other riders.
      Deleting a Goal does not delete the participating rides.

    DELETED GOALS CANNOT BE RECOVERED. They are permanently deleted.

    Completing a Goal

    You’ve completed a goal and the time frame has passed. You can view the leaderboard of this goal at any time by going to Home > Profile > Goals.


    Create Your First Goal

    Goals FAQ

    I accidentally deleted a goal, can you recover it for me?
    No, at this time we do not provide any means of recovering goals. This is why we prompt you to make sure you mean to delete the goal. You will have to create a new goal and re-invite any participants.
    Is there any limit to the number of goals I can create?
    There is no limit. Create as many goals as you like!
    I have rides that I don’t want to count towards my goal, how do I exclude them?
    Create a piece of Gear with the “Exclude from Stats” option checked.
    How can I flag or remove a participants activity from counting towards a goal?
    Whoever owns the goal will be able to flag and remove specific rides from Goals as a way of self-policing. Feature coming soon.
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