Groups are a great way to share routes with a number of other riders or club. Your group members will have a link to the group page on their profile, so they can easily get to the list of routes shared by the group. Groups can have multiple administrators that are able to add routes and manage the details of the group.

Have a weekly cycling group? Pass route ideas back and forth using this function.

Join a Group

Riding is better together.Here’s how to join a group.

  1. Go to Home, and select your Profile on the left side of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to see the groups category, and click FIND A GROUP.
  3. Type in a keyword, optional location, and search radius.
  4. Click the JOIN GROUP button to complete your group membership.

Create a Group

  1. Go to Home, select your Profile tab on the left side of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to see the groups category, and click CREATE A GROUP.
  3. Enter a name for the Group.
  4. Click the CREATE GROUP button.
  5. Now that you have a new group, add a route, create and event, add more details to attract other riders to your group or club.
Looking for more advanced route management capabilities and the ability to deliver paid features to members of your Cycling Club, Touring Company, or local riding friends? Check out the Ride with GPS Club Account for more info.

Group Routes

To create a group route, just click Plan a Route from the Group’s page.

When saving a route, you have the option to specify the “Add to Group or Event” – set this to your group’s name to save routes for this group. You can do this when saving a new route, or you can do it by editing and saving an existing route. By default, the selection will say “Just my personal account”.

In this example, I’m selecting “PDX CASUAL RIDERS” group that I had previously created.

Click SAVE when done entering details for the route.

After my route is saved, the owner will be the Group name rather than my personal account name.
Click on the group name to go to the group.

Here is what the group now looks like with a route saved to it.


  • You can only save routes to groups in which you are an administrator. If you are just a member of a group, you will not be able to add a route to the group.
  • A route can only be saved to one group at a time. If you want to save a route to another group, you will need to make a copy of that route and then save to the second group.
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