Learn how to get your Ride with GPS Club Calendar imported into popular calendar systems like Google Calendar and Outlook.com.

Copy the Calendar URL

First you’ll need to get the link to your club calendar by following these steps.

  1. Go down to the Events section of your Club page.
  2. Right-click the EXPORT CALENDAR (.ICS)

      This exact wording may differ by browser:

    • Chrome & Opera: Copy Link Address
    • Firefox: Copy Link Location
    • Safari & Internet Explorer: Copy Link
    • Opera: Copy Link Address

  4. Now you can import the events into your preferred calendar.

Any new updates to your Club Event calendar will automatically sync to your calendar within 24 hours.

You can download the ICS file from the club’s event calendar, but this will only give you a snapshot of the event calendar at the time of download. This is great if you want to share a one-time list of events to a group e-mail. By pasting the URL into a calendar, you effectively subscribe to your club calendar and get updated automatically as new events are posted to the club events page.

Importing into Google Calendar

  1. Under OTHER CALENDARS, click the small triangle in a box
  2. Select ADD BY URL.
    We are adding by URL since we copied the club calendar URL.
  3. club-calendar-google-url
  4. Right click and paste the URL into the text field.
  5. Check the box for Make the calendar publicly accessible?.
  6. Finish by clicking ADD CALENDAR.
  7. import-by-url
    Now you can change the calendar name in Google.

  8. Click the drop down arrow by the calendar name.
  10. Type out your desired text in the Calendar Name field. By default, you’ll see the calendar URL in this field, but you can change it to any text you wish without affecting the functionality.
  11. Click SAVE to finish.
  12. change-calendar-name

    Importing into Outlook.com

  1. Click on ADD CALENDAR
  3. club-calendar-outlook-add
  4. Paste the URL into the LINK TO CALENDAR field
  5. Give your calendar a name
  6. Click the SAVE button to finish.
  7. club-calendar-outlook-finish

To get started with your own club account, START HERE.

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