If you have seen incorrect cues on a route planned using our site, such as a cue being listed as a right instead of a left turn, you have likely clicked in the middle of an intersection when planning your route.

When you are planning a route and click in the middle of an intersection, often times our routing service thinks you went past the turn by 5 feet or so, since you can easily click 5 feet past the middle of the intersection without realizing it. When this happens, the next click generates directions that assume you need to turn around 180 degrees and travel five feet before the turn. Hence a right can become a left, and vice versa.

Here is an example of this where, when zoomed out a bit, your route looks fine:
However, when we zoom closer in, we can see that our click made while zoomed out actually creates a turn rather than going straight through the intersection.
To fix this incorrect cue, add a control point on either side, then click and drag the route line just a bit then let go. It will snap back to the road and create the correct cue.
If you inadvertently click an intersection, we have a simple detector that will popup a message asking if you are sure you meant to click that spot. This simple detector cannot identify every case where you might have inadvertently clicked an intersection, so always double check your cuesheet before you save your route!


  • NEVER click inside an intersection. Always passed or before.
  • Keep your route clicks somewhat close together so if you have to make an adjustment, it doesn’t affect a large section of the route.
  • Zoom in on the map to see side-streets to make sure you are clicking on the desired road.
  • Having good cues means you’ll have good directions when navigating with a cue sheet, Garmin device, or our app for iPhone and Android.
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