Your Event account will have two types of members: permanent Event account members (your staff and volunteers) who will administrate the account and run the events, and event members (event participants) who will be associated with specific events created by the Event account. Staff and volunteers can be added to the Event account itself, while event participants will be added to the specific events for which they have signed up.

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Inviting Participants
Inviting Event Staff
Sorting Members

Inviting Participants

To add event participants to an event page, you will use an auto-approval code that you can send out to participants via email. To do this, log in to the Event account and open an event. Click the Manage participants link.
You will see a pop-up box with options to message or invite participants, or to export a CSV file of that event’s participant list. Click Invite participants.
Another pop-up box will appear, this one with an auto-approval code that you can copy and paste into email, social media, or any other messaging platform you use to communicate with event participants.
When you send out the auto-approval link to your event participants, we recommend also sending them a link to the event participant benefits page as well to give them an overview on features they’ll have access to and how to use those features.

Inviting Event Staff

While your event participants will be added only to the events in which they are participating, you can add your staff as account members. To do this, log in to your Event account, and scroll down to view your member list. Click Invite members.
You will see a pop-up box with an auto-approval code. You can copy and paste this code to distribute it to your staff via email or other messaging services.
Clicking the link will grant automatic membership to the Event account page.

Once you have added your staff to your Event account, you can assign abilities:

Route Managers
have the ability to add, edit, delete routes and events from the library.
Billing Managers
have the ability to view and edit payment information and transaction history for the Event account.
Member Managers
have the ability to add, remove, assign privileges of other members, and mark existing members as active or inactive.
Event participant information is ONLY visible to those that are assigned as Member Managers.

Sorting Members

Click on the column headers to sort your members and participants, click a second time to reverse the sort order.

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