The Garmin IQ app allows you to sync your Garmin device to Ride with GPS and quickly download your routes for use in the field. Here are the steps to help get you going quickly.

Get the Garmin Connect mobile application
Pairing the CIQ app with your account
Un-pairing the CIQ app from your account
Using the CIQ app to access recently planned or pinned routes
Download vs Download & Ride

CIQ App Compatible Devices

This is not a definitive list, only the devices we have tested.

  • Edge 1000
  • Edge 1030
  • Edge 820
  • Edge 520
  • Anything that support Connect iQ apps

Get the Garmin Connect mobile application

  1. Get the Garmin Connect app via the App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign in to the Garmin Connect App. You may have to create a free account with Garmin if you don’t have one already.
  3. Pair your Garmin device to your phone. This will vary depending on your device. Follow the Garmin Connect app instructions for your model.
  4. Use the Garmin Connect iQ app store within the Garmin Connect app to download and install the Ride with GPS CIQ app on your device.

Pairing the CIQ app with your account

  1. Upon opening the RWGPS CIQ app on your Garmin device you will be prompted to enter a code at This will link your Ride with GPS account to your Garmin device
  2. Enter that code on your web browser at the designated URL
  3. Confirm that you have connected the correct device and then you are good to go

On your Garmin Device

  1. Go to the CIQ app list
  2. Open the Ride with GPS app on your Garmin device
  3. The first time you start the CIQ app on your garmin, you’ll be asked to go to to enter a code. The code will appear on the screen of your Garmin.
  4. After you enter the code and confirm, your Garmin will show Recent Routes, Pinned Routes, Help, and Settings
    • Recent Routes – The five most recently edited routes on your account.
    • Pinned Routes – The five most recently pinned routes on your account.
    • Help – A link to this article.
    • Settings – Here you can un-pair the CIQ app from your Ride with GPS account and view the version number of the CIQ app.

Recent Routes and Pinned Routes

Recent Routes shows the last five routes in your route library that you have edited or saved.
Pinned Routes are the last five routes that you have pinned via the website or Ride with GPS mobile app.

To learn more about pinning check out our overview page here

In both lists, select a route that you want to download. This downloads a copy of the route to your Garmin device to use for navigation at any time.
If you select just Download, press the back button to go back to the route list.
Info – Displays the app version and userid

Download vs Download & Ride

After selecting a route you will be prompted to “download” or “download and ride” the route

  • Choosing to “Download” will save the route to your device so you can use it at a later time
  • Choosing to “Download and Ride” will save the route to your device and begin navigation. You can stop navigation at any time and the route will still be saved to your device.

Un-pairing your phone from the iQ app

  1. On your garmin device, go to iQ apps
  2. Ride with GPS
  3. Settings
  4. Un-pair


Does the CIQ app work along with the Ride with GPS?
The two apps are completely separate, but keep in mind that any rides you record with the Garmin and sync to ride with GPs, you can then go into the Ride with GPS app and add any photos taken along the way.
The app code I entered on the website is invalid, what is wrong?
Check the code and try again, you won’t be able to use the same code twice or on multiple accounts. The code is not case-sensitive nor have any spaces.
How do I get a route I don’t own to my Garmin? They don’t show up in my Recent Routes list.
Pin that route via the website or the Ride with GPS mobile app, then go back to the Pinned Routes section on your Garmin.