If you’ve taken a multi-day ride or recorded a ride in two parts that you now want to join together, read on to learn how to use the Join Rides tool to make two ride tracks into one.

The JOIN RIDES tool is a feature for Premium subscribers.

Joining two rides together

In this example, I ran an errand on my lunch break and recorded two trips. The first trip was to the copy center; the second trip was back to my office.I’ll start by viewing my first ride.

Click EDIT in the right side panel.

Click the JOIN TWO RIDES TOGETHER link near the bottom of the page.
This will pop up a list of rides available to join with your current ride. Click on the name of a ride to view it in a new tab.Check the box for DELETE ORIGINAL if you are confident that you are selecting the correct ride. If you have any doubt, leave this box unchecked and delete the original later.

Click JOIN to finish the process.

Here are my two rides now joined together.
The joining of 2 rides creates a third ride containing both of the parent rides.
After you confirm the two rides are joined to your satisfaction, you can delete the original rides.


  • If you joined two tracks that don’t match and want to undo your work. Use the delete selection tool in the elevation profile as demonstrated in Ride Cleanup.
  • Your ride metrics will be automatically recalculated based on the data of both rides regardless of the amount of time between them.
  • Use the REPLACE ELEVATION in the right side panel if your elevations between the two rides are not consistent.
  • Any distance between the end of the first ride and the start of the second ride will be rendered as a straight line.
  • Joined rides are a full copy of the two parent originals. Deleting the originals after joining will not affect the joined rides.
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