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Creating Event Segments
Age and Gender
Segment Leaderboards
Overall Leaderboard

Event account administrators and route managers can create leaderboards to keep track of participant times during and after events. Event participants are matched to event segments when they upload their recorded rides from the app or from their GPS device.

Creating Event Segments

Event segments are similar to regular segments, but only match rides that have been recorded during the timeframe set for the event.

To create an event segment, select a route from the event route library and click VIEW ROUTE.
Once you see the route on your screen, use the elevation profile to select a section of the route. Click SAVE AS…SEGMENT
See elevation profiles for routes to learn more about using the elevation profile to select portions of your route.
  • Select the event to which the segment will apply.

Repeat these steps to create additional event segments. You can create as many of these event segments as you wish for any event routes.

Age and Gender

By prompting your participants to provide their age and gender, you can break out your event leaderboards by age and gender. This allows participants to see how they stack up against their peers. To prompt your participants to provide their age and gender, click EDIT EVENT DETAILS.

Select the age and gender prompt options you want for the event.

Click the + and signs to add/remove age splits.

If you click the checkbox to prompt for participant age and gender, participants will be prompted to enter their age and gender when they click the RSVP button. This helps categorize participants in the leaderboards. If no age and gender attributes are selected, all event participants will appear on the same leaderboard.

Segment Leaderboards

Only event participants will show up on these Leaderboards.

To see available segments for your events, scroll down to look under the route list for your event.

  • Click the name of the segment to preview it on the map in the right panel
  • Click the LEADERBOARD button for that segment to see a full list of participants that have matched to the segment during the event and their rankings.

Overall Leaderboard

The Overall Leaderboard for your event shows all participants ranked for each segment across the entire event.

  • Click the OVERALL LEADERBOARD button to see all participants for the event and how they rank on the segments.
  • View the overall leaderboard with all participants both filters should be set to ALL.

Sort your participants by age and/or gender if you enabled this option when setting up your event page.

  • You can click the drop downs to sort by gender.
  • Sort by age groups.
  • Sort by gender and age groups.