The Lezyne Year 10 GPS are a very compact device that can record your rides as well as navigate routes planned on You can use TCX or GPX files with the Lezyne line, but if you want custom cues then we recommend exporting the TCX Course routes that have cue sheets.

Exporting Routes:

  1. Any route planned on can be used with the Lezyne devices.
  2. Export your route by clicking the More button at the top of the left column, then click Export as File.
    We recommend exporting TCX Course so that you will get street names and custom cues.
  3. Save the TCX file on your desktop as you will need to upload this to

Now that you have the route file, you will need to import it into Lezyne’s GPS root site so that it can sync with Lezyne Ally v2 and onto your Micro GPS or Super GPS device.

Learn more about importing a TCX or GPX file from Lezyne’s
Official Documentation.

Get your recorded rides from Lezyne GPS Root to Ride with GPS

  1. Open USB port seal and connect your GPS Watch to a computer via a Micro USB cable. The watch will read like a USB drive with included folders.
  2. Click on UPLOAD at the top of the website.
  3. Click on the SELECT FILES button.
  4. Browse to the following path on the Lezyne device: Lezyne folder > Activities
  5. Select the files that you would like to upload.

More tips:

Save battery on your Y10 Lezyne GPS by keeping the backlight off as much as possible.

Get the Lezyne Ally V2 app for iPhone or Android.

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