Did you go on a ride with your friends? Now you can easily link all of those rides onto your ride page. It’s a great way to see everyone’s photos all on the same page as well as toggle between each other’s metrics to compare performance.

Linking Rides

  1. View the ride with your friends
  2. Click EDIT in the upper right side panel
  3. Click SHOW RIDES TO LINK in the lower left corner.
    • Any rides that started within 2 miles and 30 minutes of you will be displayed in a list.
  4. Click the LINK button for each ride you want added.
    • Here you can see three other riders that started around me at the same time.
  5. Click SAVE to finish linking.
  6. In the OVERVIEW tab in the right side panel, you will now see which rides are linked
  7. Click each ride to see more details
  8. Scroll down the right side panel to view the other riders and their photos
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