Broadcast your current position using the Ride with GPS mobile app. Sync photos, and receive real-time comments in the app. Turn your phone into a live-tracking cycle computer, and add peace-of-mind to every ride as followers watch your real-time location on your adventure, commute, tour, or how ever else you ride.

Share a meetup location

Viewing a friend's live log session on an Android phone.

Show ride tracking in real-time.

Check out Kevin’s Live Log Demo for an example of what friends and family see as the ride progresses.

Stay connected to followers through live photos and comments.

Upgrade your account to use the Live Log feature. Pair it with voice navigation and ride with confidence as you commute, train, cruise or adventure.

Estimated Completion Time

While Live Logging and navigating a route, your estimated time of arrival will update as your average speed increases or decreases.

Real-time Comments

Enjoy spoken comments in the app from your viewers’ typed comments on the Live Logging page.

Geotagged Photo Support

Upload photos to your ride map in real time, showing the exact location they were taken.

Share with friends and family

Use the app to share a link directly to your followers, or share it on social media. Use privacy settings to control who can see your live logs.

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