Voice Navigation

After you have planned out a cool route you want to navigate, use the mobile app available for iPhone and Android. We’ll show you how to start using voice navigation and demonstrate what to expect while riding. Learn more…

Record Your First Ride

Learn how to start recording and save a ride with our free mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Offline Maps

Navigate your route with maps pre-downloaded to your phone before heading into areas without cellular network access.

Connecting Bluetooth Sensors

Learn how to pair a bluetooth sensors like a heart rate monitor, temperature, cadence, or speed sensor.

Live Logging and Group Live Logging

Share your location with friends and family so they can see where you are along your training ride or special event.

Photos on Mobile

Learn how you can take a picture, have it automatically geo-tagged, and uploaded to the website with your ride.

Manage Settings

Learn more about all the settings in the mobile app like how to upload photos while on a ride and conserve battery as much as possible.

Using the Wahoo RFLKT

An external display that shows the ride metrics and navigation cues like a bike computer but keeps your phone tucked away from the elements.

Pinning & Sharing

Learn how to pin another user’s route, ride, profile or gear you never want to forge and you’ll easily be able to locate it later.