Access offline maps anywhere in the world. Conserve battery on your phone by downloading routes before you ride. With offline maps, you can use the navigate in airplane mode, or ride with confidence in areas with no data services. You will get the same great voice navigation, cuesheet, and detailed map of your route.

Whether using your primary phone for navigation, or a backup for your handlebars, offline maps will keep you on route. View points of interest, custom cues, surface types, and the elevation profile to find out more about your route.

Unlock offline maps, voice navigation and more with an upgraded membership.

70% more battery life
Airplane Mode

Get Inspired, not Lost.

With offline maps you don’t have to worry about navigating in remote areas. Use turn-by-turn voice navigation to help you reach the finish line. Whether exploring the solitude of a serene forest or traversing a bustling concrete jungle, you can pedal with assurance as the app guides you along your adventure.

Customize your route.

With the Advanced Route Planning tools you can include more information about the route by using custom cues, points of interest and line color. Upgrade your account to use Offline Maps and the Advanced Route Planning tools.

Turn-by-turn Voice Navigation

Get the same great navigation experience offline: voice guidance, cuesheet, map, elevation profile, surface types, points of interest.

Conserve Resources

Use less data and power by downloading your routes ahead of time. Set your phone to airplane mode, and navigate to your destination.

Bluetooth Compatible

Pair bluetooth sensors and Varia devices while using offline maps.

Estimated Time

While navigating a route offline, your estimated time of arrival will update as your average moving speed increases or decreases.

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