Get more data from your rides by pairing your favorite power meter, heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensors to the Ride with GPS mobile app. Track performance metrics and training progress with accurate, reliable data. The Ride with GPS mobile app easily pairs with any standard Bluetooth biometric sensor and is fully compatible with heart rate monitor function on smartwatches from Apple and Android.

Pairing Your Bluetooth Device:

  1. Tap the Cog icon in the upper left corner of the app to bring up the settings menu
  2. Tap Bluetooth settings
  3. Tap Set up Bluetooth Devices
  4. Select device to be paired

Looking to get more out of your data and ride metrics? Upgrade to Ride with GPS Premium to unlock powerful ride analysis tools to help you train smarter.

Bluetooth Pairing Tips

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  • Ensure sensor is not paired to another application or device.
  • Use our Wheel Circumference Chart to find your wheel size for speed and distance data.
  • Use voice navigation features with Bluetooth speakers or headphones, pair within your phone or smartwatch settings rather than the Ride with GPS mobile app.

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