The Tourism Route Library allows you to organize and store all your region’s routes. You will then assign tags to your routes, which is what we will use to generate the map embed requests we get from you, so you can display as many maps as you want on your own website.

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Plan Routes From Your Tourism Account

Administrators and route managers can log in to the Tourism account and use the route planner to plan routes to be saved directly into the route library.

The biggest difference between planning routes in a personal account vs. your tourism account is that you no longer have to add Points of Interest(POIs) to each individual route. You will be able to do this in bulk from your POI library.

So for example, if you have a restaurant you want to highlight on 6 different routes, plan those 6 routes without adding the POI to each one. Then from the POI library you will create the POI for the restaurant, and then add it to all 6 routes at once.

  1. Sign in to the Tourism account.
  2. Click the “Plan” link in the menu bar at the top of the screen to open the route planner.
  3. Plan your route and click SAVE.
  4. Your route will be saved into the Tourism account Route Library.

Learn more about Additional Ways to Add Routes

Tagging Routes

In order to generate your map embeds, we’ll need you to tag the routes you want for each map. So, if you would like to have a “City Routes” map embedded on your website, tag every route you want included on the map with “City Routes”. If you want a “Rural Routes” map, tag those routes as “Rural Routes”. Routes can be tagged with multiple tags and can be part of as many map embeds as you’d like.

  1. Select the routes you wish to tag by clicking the check box next to the route name.
  2. Click set tags
  3. In the Route Tags field, type in the desired tag or click to show the list of available tags.
  4. After you have typed a tag, press enter to complete the tag. It will appear in a small box.
  5. Repeat these steps to add additional tags to the same route.
  6. Click the add tags button to finish adding the tag to the route or click remove tags to remove the tag from the route.

Additional ways to get routes into your Tourism account

If you have existing routes on one or multiple accounts, send us an email and we can transfer them for you to get your account set up immediately.

A. Copy Routes

If you find a route in another account that you would like to add to your library, you can do so from your personal account or while logged into the Tourism Account:

  1. Bring up any route that you want to add to your route library.
  2. On the top of the left column click More, then click COPY TO MY ROUTES.
  3. Select the organization you want to add the route to under the Account dropdown. You will only see this if signed into your personal account.
  4. This will place a full copy of the route to the Tourism route library without affecting the original route.
B. Save routes from a Route Manager’s account
Route managers can work on routes from their personal accounts and then save them to the Tourism account route library. To save a route from a personal account to the Tourism account while editing a route:

  1. Click the SAVE button in the upper left corner.
  2. When the prompt for a route name and more details pops up, go to the drop down list for ACCOUNT and select your Tourism Account from the list.
  3. Click SAVE one last time to finish.

Route Privacy

You’ll want to save all of your routes as Public, so they are available for your map embeds and so visitors and members of your community can easily find and navigate your routes.

Route Changelog

You can view the edit history of all of your individual routes, including date and route managers.

  • Sign in to the Tourism account.
  • Scroll down to the Route Library.
  • Click on the cog icon next to the route you want to view.
This will bring up a box listing the edit history for that specific route, in addition to the privacy settings and tags associated with the route.

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