Riding through a spectacular mountain range? Rolling through picturesque farm roads? Using the Ride With GPS app, you can snap a photo, and it will be geotagged and automatically uploaded to the website along with your ride.

This feature is an excellent way to supplement a story and interact with riders, sharing your amazing scenic ride, bike tour, or a spin to your favorite coffee shop with friends.

Learn How To:

App Photo Settings

Let’s go through the app settings as they relate to taking photos.

In the app, tap the upper left corner and go to Settings > App Settings


UPLOAD PHOTOS OVER WI-FI ONLY. You have the option of uploading photos over wi­fi only. This will help you avoid any data-overage charges from your cellular network.

FIND PHOTOS TAKEN OUTSIDE OF APP (Android), Find photos from Rides (iPhone). With this option checked, any photos taken with another app or the device’s camera will be added to the ride. This is useful if you use your camera to take several photos in succession, or take a panorama shot.


SYNC PHOTOS WHILE LIVE LOGGING. This will use your cellular network connection to upload each picture as you use Live Logging. Turn this feature off if you do not want to use any network data during your ride.

If you enable this option, this will upload photos while Live Logging even if you have Upload Over Wi­Fi Only enabled.


Taking Photos in the App:

A: After you’ve started recording a ride, tap the camera icon in the lower­right corner (if you have landscape mode enabled, the camera icon will be in the lower­left corner).

B: Photos you have taken during the ride can be viewed by tapping the gallery icon in the lower­left corner.

After taking a photo, you will be prompted to provide a caption (this is optional). Tap Save to continue using the app.

When you are done with your ride, tap the record button and save it. Then, you will be prompted to name your ride (optional), set privacy, select your gear, and preview the photos taken during the ride.

By default, each photo will be selected. If you do not wish a photo to be uploaded, tap the photo to unselect it.

When you are done naming your ride and selecting which photos you want to upload, tap the checkmark in the upper righthand corner to finish the upload process.

Photos that have been automatically uploaded will have a green check mark, while photos that have been uploaded while Live Logging will have a red icon.


Find My Ride Photos

    On iPhone, there are two options to add photos to a ride after it has been saved. You can do this at any time after the ride. Find My Ride Photos will show you all the photos you had taken during the ride, while Add Photos will allow you to select any photo in your phone’s photo gallery.

  1. While viewing the ride on the mobile app, tap the menu icon ( ) in the upper right corner.
  2. Scroll down and tap Find My Ride Photos
  3. find-add-photos-mobile
  4. Tap each photo to make your selection. A checkbox will appear to indicate your selection.
  5. Tap SAVE to start the upload process.
  6. select-photos

View Photos on the App:

From the main screen on the app, tap Photos on the edge of the screen. This will display all of your photos and captions saved to your account.


Tap a photo to view it. Swipe right to view the next photo, swipe left to view the previous photo.


Sharing photos with friends and family:

When viewing a photo in the app, you can also share it on Facebook and other social networks by tapping the share icon at the top of the screen.


View Photos on the website

After a ride and its photos have been uploaded to the site, you will see a thumbnail in the right side panel when viewing the ride. Clicking on the thumbnail will expand the photo where you can add a caption, rotate, delete, or share the photo. Each photo that has been geotagged will show up as a black dot along the route. A blue dot on the map will indicate where the photo was taken.

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