Riding through a spectacular mountain range? Rolling through picturesque farm roads? Using the Ride With GPS app, you can snap a photo, and it will be geotagged and automatically uploaded to the website along with your ride.

This feature is an excellent way to supplement a story and interact with riders, sharing your amazing scenic ride, bike tour, or a spin to your favorite coffee shop with friends.


App Photo Settings

Let’s go through the app settings as they relate to taking photos.

  1. Tap the Settings icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Go to LOGGING

Find photos from Rides (iPhone)FIND PHOTOS TAKEN OUTSIDE OF APP (Android), . With this option checked, any photos taken with another app or the device’s camera will be added to the ride. This is useful if you use your camera to take several photos in succession, or take a panorama shot.

UPLOAD PHOTOS OVER WI-FI ONLY. You have the option of uploading photos over wi­fi only. This will help you avoid any data-overage charges from your cellular network.

PHOTO UPLOAD SIZE, Changing this option will determine the photo quality and size of the upload. The app defaults to HIGH which is great for the web, but change this to FULL if you want the full resolution and 100% photo. WARNING: Uploading full-sized photos over will be considerably larger and take up network data usage. You’ll want to use UPLOAD OVER WIFI ONLY with full uploads.


Live Logging Photo Settings:

Premium and Basic subscribers can take advantage of a feature to automatically upload photos while Live Logging.

SYNC PHOTOS WHILE LIVE LOGGING. This will use your cellular network connection to upload each picture as you use Live Logging. Turn this feature off if you do not want to use any network data during your ride.

If you enable this option, this will upload photos while Live Logging even if you have Upload Over Wi­Fi Only enabled.


Taking Photos while riding

You can take photos while recording, we recommend using your preferred camera app on your phone to track the geolocation and editing features available in it

After you’ve started recording a ride, open your default camera app to take photos and at the end of your ride we will prompt you to select your preferred photos to save to your ride.

When you are done with your ride, long press the record button to pause, tap the check-mark to finish. Then, you will be prompted to name your ride (optional), set privacy, select your gear, and preview the photos taken during the ride.

By default, each photo will be selected. If you do not wish a photo to be uploaded, tap the photo to unselect it.

When you are done naming your ride and selecting which photos you want to upload, tap the SAVE in the upper righthand corner to finish the upload process.

Photos to be uploaded will have a blue circle with a white check mark, while photos that have been uploaded while Live Logging will have the Live Logging icon in the corner.


Adding Photos to a Ride

While viewing any ride or route, you can change the name, description, privacy, gear, and add photos.

    You can upload photos that were taken on the ride as well as any photos in your phone’s photo gallery.

  1. Select a Ride
  2. Menu > Edit
  3. iPhone:
  4. Tap under the RIDE PHOTOS, it may say “X selected”, X being the number of photos found with the same time as the recorded ride.
  5. Tap to select or deselect photos to be uploaded. A blue check-mark for photos to be uploaded. An orange icon will appear in the corner for photos that have already been uploaded via Live Logging.
  6. Press Save to finish your photo selection.
  7. The upper half will display all the photos that were found to be taken during the time of the ride. The bottom half is all the photos on your phone.

  8. Tap SAVE to finish adding the photos and save any changes you may have made to the ride/route name, details, privacy, or gear.
    The number of selected photos to be uploaded will be displayed at the bottom.
  9. As the photos upload, a status bar will appear.
  10. Sharing photos:

    When viewing a photo in the app, you can also share it on Facebook and other social networks.

    icon in the bottom left
    The share icon in the upper right


    On iPhone, every time I leave the app the photo uploads don’t finish, why not?
    On iPhone, you must stay within the app until the photo uploads finish. You can be navigating, recording, or just browsing the app, but it will only upload as long as you are in it.
    Is there a limit the to the number of photos I can upload per ride?
    There is no limit for the number of photos per ride. We recommend connecting to a Wifi network before uploading so that you don’t eat up your cellular data plan.
    My photos have started uploading, how do I pause them?
    On iPhone, go to to the app drawer > settings > pause uploads. Then when you are ready to start uploading, un-pause this setting.
    How do I hide photos on my ride that I don’t want to share?
    Ride photos share the same privacy setting as the ride they were uploaded. Change the privacy of your ride to either Friends Only or Private to keep your photos from the public.
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