There are so many routes, rides, rider profiles, and gear on our site it’s no doubt you’ll stumble upon something you don’t want to forget. We know the feeling, and we’re here to help you remember! Just pin whatever you want to keep track of and you’ll easily be able to locate it later.

Check out more on Pinning on the web and Pinning on mobile.

Pinning on the Site


To pin a route or a ride, look for the “Pin” icon:

Once you have pinned an item, you can access it via the “Pinned” tab on your Dashboard.

To remove a pinned item, simply open the “Pinned” tab on your profile page, and click REMOVE next to the item.

Pinning in the mobile app

While viewing a route in the app:

iPhone: Tap the gear icon then tap PIN THIS.
Android: Tap the PIN icon at the top.

You can view and navigate Pinned routes from our iPhone and Android apps.

Tap the icon in the upper left corner of the app

Tap “pinned” to see all items you have pinned to your profile.

To remove a pinned route from the app, tap on the route you want to remove to open it. Next, tap the icon in the top right of the route map to bring up your route options.

Tap “unpin” to remove the route from your pinned list.

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