Create a Route

Use our route planner to plan the exact route you want, generate turn-by-turn directions, and see the expected elevation gain and loss. Learn more…

Advanced Route Planning and Editing

More advanced tools to help you plan and edit multi-staged routes, delete entire sections of routes, move the starting point, and more.

PDF Maps and Cuesheets

Create PDF maps and cue sheets for any route that has cues. Useful for navigation if you don’t have a GPS unit or smartphone, or to pass out to riders participating in an Event or Club ride.

Turn a Ride into a Route

Using our new tracing feature you can take that great ride and use it as a template to generate a route, complete with a cuesheet and copies of the photos you took along the way.

Elevation Profile for Routes

Interact with your route using the Elevation Profile, not only to analyze the difficulty of hills, but to also make selections, place cues, create segments, trim, change the color, and more.

Working With Cues

While planning a route or after your route has been saved, put in some custom cues to alert riders to the POI or other features of the route like “Beware of train tracks”, or additional navigation cues like “Make a U-Turn”.

Points of Interest

Add Points of Interest along your route, or nearby the route, to provide additional details on your map like a favority coffee shop, restrooms, or bike shops.

Combining & Splitting Routes

Learn how to simply combine multiple routes into one or split a route into many

Advanced Split Route Tool

Learn how to split your route within the Route Planner retaining all Cue and POI information for your next multi-day adventure.

Embed a map on your website

Learn how to embed an interactive map with elevation profile into your blog or website. It’s a great way to share an upcoming club event, route, or past ride.

Switching Map Styles

While viewing any route, ride, or planning a route, you can switch map styles to work in your preferred style like Satellite, Open Street Maps, and topographic maps.