We believe that your data is your’s to do as you please. Although everything is set to be publicly shared, you have many options available to customize how much you share.

Private Profile

All your rides, routes, gear, and events are public by default. There is a way to change your entire profile to be private which also keeps it from being found by search engines.

Learn more about Private Profile.

Privacy settings in the mobile app

Learn how to manage some of your privacy settings within the mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Learn more about privacy settings in the mobile apps.

Privacy Zones

If you don’t want anyone to know where you live, work, or go to school, set up a Privacy Zone that clips that part of the ride but lets you see it.

Learn more about Privacy Zones.

Setting privacy for routes and rides

When you save a route or ride, a dialog box will pop up where you can assign a name to your activity, add photos, and select Visibility:

When you save an activity or route as Public, the activity will show up in the feed of your Friends and your Followers. The item will be available on our Find page to all users and appear in search engine results.

When you save an activity or route to Friends, only users who are your Friends will see it in their feeds. The item will not appear on our Find page or in search engine results.

When you save an activity or route as Private, only you will see it. The item will not show up in the feeds of Friends or Followers. The item will not appear on our Find page or in search engine results.

Learn more about your Feed, Friends and Followers.

Setting privacy in the Ride Center

Premium subscribers can use the Ride Center to manage the privacy on all their rides by selecting more than one at a time or rides that meet filtering criteria.

Learn more about the Ride Center.

Private Segments

Premium subscribers have the option to create and participate in their own private segments where only they will match against. It’s a good way to challenge yourself without feeling the pressure of competing against others or if you just want to keep all your rides private.

Learn more about Private Segments.

Saving and Sharing a Private Route

Learn how to save your route as Private but still have the option to share it with friends and family even if they don’t have an account on Ride with GPS. Just remember that anyone with this link with privacy code can access these routes.

Learn more about Saving and Sharing a Private Route.

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