The Ride with GPS mobile app for iPhone and Android allows you to record your ride, upload to along with photos to share with all your friends and family or to keep for your personal training logs.

Premium and Basic subscribers will unlock even more features in the mobile app like Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation, Live Logging, and Offline Maps.

Recording a ride on the mobile app:

  1. Log into an existing account or create a new account.

    Tapping LOGIN USING FACEBOOK will prompt you to sign into your Facebook account if you aren’t already signed into the Facebook App. This option is not mandatory.

    For this example, I’ve tapped I HAVE AN ACCOUNT and have signed in using my credentials.

  2. e-go-ride.jpg”>record-ride-iphone-go-ride
    On Android, GO RIDE is at the bottom:
  3. The app may take a moment to lock-on to your position. Your current position will show on the map as a blue dot.

    If you want to change the metrics that are shown, long press any of the metrics like Time then select from the list of available metrics.

  4. Tap the Record button in the bottom-center of the screen to start. After you start moving, the metrics will start to appear.
  5. Recording on iPhone:
    Recording on Android:
  6. Once you are finished with your ride, press the record button again (Long-press on Android) to pause the ride, then press the icon.
  7. iPhone:
  8. Give your ride a name (leaving it blank, the default name is the current date), select the gear used on the ride, and set the privacy. If you don’t want to include a photo, just tap on it to remove the orange border and it won’t upload. Then tap SAVE to finish.. The ride will be uploaded to the website along with any photos you’ve taken along the way.
  9. iPhone:


    • To conserve battery time, keep the screen off as much as possible.
    • Learn more about taking photos with the mobile app
    • Make sure your GPS setting in Android is set to HIGH.
    • Have a Windows Phone?
    • Don’t want to share your ride? When saving your ride, change “Who can see this ride?” to “Private, Just me”.
    • iPhone users: Location Services must be enabled for the app to track your ride. Go to the main app screen, Settings > Privacy > Location Services: on > Ride with GPS: While using the App.
    • Learn how to change metrics that are shown.

    Done! Now get out and ride.

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